The zebra presents the confrontation of polarities. Opposites are to be brought into harmony, so that harmony comes. The desire for freedom is also expressed by the four-legged friend.

The zebra belongs to the genus of horses. The cloven-hoofed animals live exclusively in Africa in open and wide areas. Apart from the black and white coat, the quadrupeds resemble horses in stature. Depending on the species, the animals live together in associations or are solitary. The herbivores have clear rank orders in an existing herd.

The natural enemies of zebras are hyenas, lions and leopards. Their striped pattern serves as protection from their adversaries. As soon as several animals stand next to each other, it is difficult to see how many there really are.

Power Animal Zebra

The power animal zebra reminds of the freedom that everyone needs to be able to develop. Constricting circumstances are to be recognized and changed. There are two extremes in the current situation, which want to be brought into harmony with the help of the energy of the power animal. Learning and understanding play a big role in the coming time.

Positive Consideration

With the zebra as a power animal succeeds a good camouflage from people who are not well-meaning. Good and evil are opposed to each other. Ultimately, it will come to a resolution, so that a higher vibration can be achieved.

Negative Consideration

Restricted thought patterns prevent us from moving forward. Black and white thinking is responsible for the current approach. Hasty judgments are made and condemnations take place. There is a lack of a superordinate way of looking at things, since pigeonhole thinking overshadows many things.

Dream Interpretation Zebra

In dream interpretation the zebra is a symbol for the desire for freedom. Together with other free spirits an exchange takes place, which is characterized by tolerance and the unleashing of old structures.

Positive Aspects

A balance of positive and negative events will occur. The zebra wants to focus the attention of the dreamer on the balance of events. It just seems like more bad things are happening. In truth, everything is in a balance.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer has fluff in his head. His ideas are not structured or realistic. Decision-making difficulties complicate everyday events.