The hyena is to be interpreted on the energetic level as a warning. Shifty, instability and caution about the behavior of fellow men is required. In addition, it shows the negative character traits.

Hyenas are predators and scavengers. The nocturnal mammals live in clans under strict hierarchies. There is equality between the sexes, which distinguishes the feline animals from many other species. Native to Africa, these mammals are toe-walkers and move exclusively on the ground. Rocks or stony areas they can overcome well, but they do not climb trees.

The quadrupeds hardly make any sounds. Therefore, they are often noticed late by other animal species. Territorial animals have a keen sense of smell and mark their territory. Animals of other groups of the same breed are driven away with bites. Hippos, giraffes, antelopes or zebras are hunted and killed by hyenas with enormous perseverance. Preferentially, the predators additionally chase away other carnivores their prey. Above all, they participate in the hunting success of leopards or lions.

Power Animal Hyena

The power animal hyena brings caution and is usually a bad omen. If you venture too far into the realms of others, you will find that you quickly become their victim. Hyenas know no compassion and seem to disregard the needs of others without limits. Even within an existing community, the best and strongest always prevails. Indulgence or consideration for previous achievements are not taken into account.

Positive Consideration

The hyena brings strength and endurance. A targeted goal is achieved with full physical effort and the support of like-minded people. Sometimes the power animal also shows that the efforts of others can become their own stroke of luck.

Negative Consideration

Shiftiness, impurity and lack of loyalty play an important role on the energetic level with this power animal. No one can be relied upon. One’s own behavior as well as that of the people from the close environment should be urgently checked. There is a lack of social competence, insight and mutual understanding. Egoism and self-preservation instinct have priority at the moment.

Dream Interpretation Hyena

In dream interpretation, the hyena is a sign of the need to question one’s own behavior, as well as the appearance of people from the environment. Distrust is indicated, since the own advantage is the motive for action of all involved.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer will be able to share in the success of others in the near future. Perseverance will be rewarded. Malicious adversaries and enemies can be hunted down by not always entirely fair means.

Negative Aspects

The hyena warns the dreamer about a group of people who want to harm him. They have already taken steps to bring him down. If the dreamer has the feeling that he himself appears as a hyena, he should urgently change his own behavior, because it is he who shows bad and inappropriate behavior.