The wren is a songbird that uses cunning and a sly approach to bring his interests to success. The welcome guest brings self-confidence and convinces his audience.

The wren belongs to the passerine birds and is native to Eurasia. Like the other songbirds, it captivates with its song and thus draws attention to itself. According to legend, the king of birds got his name because he used a trick to fly higher than the eagle and was thus the bird that could fly the highest. Visually, the wren is conspicuous by its rather short tail, which it usually has raised.

The songbird lives in shrubs, trees, bushes or high perennials. It is often found in mixed forests, parks or large gardens. Wrens feed on seeds, spiders or insects. Their natural enemies include cats, squirrels or birds of prey.

Power Animal Wren

The power animal Wren brings a confident and convinced appearance. Success is achieved with a well thought out approach. One’s own intelligence helps to solve all upcoming challenges. As a king, attention is certain. Appreciation and recognition accompany the future time. The true face should be shown, because only the true beauty has a future.

Positive Consideration

Self-esteem and inner strength reside within oneself. The recognition of others comes when a project succeeds or a task is solved through one’s own performance. Self-esteem grows and gives one an advantage over others. It is not the conformity to an ideal that is important. Rather, showing one’s own identity brings encouragement.

Negative Consideration

Nur durch eine List zu überzeugen, bringt langfristig keine stabilen Erfolg. Vorübergehend im Rampenlicht zu stehend wird funktionieren. Dennoch sollte damit gerechnet werden, dass andere den eigenen Platz einnehmen werden, wenn dieser nur durch eine Täuschung und Übervorteilung ergattert wurde.

Dream Interpretation Wren

In dream interpretation, the wren is a sign of recognition, fame and success. As the king of birds, he is the center of attention. He is given a natural attention. The advantage must be used sincerely.

Positive Aspects

Skill and cunning give you an edge over others. This promotes self-confidence and causes a confident appearance. With charm and charisma promising prospects are ready for the dreamer.

Negative Aspects

Gaining an advantage only by stealth is not viewed well by all. Some pay very close attention to details and will remember and reproach current behavior at a later time.