Amphibian has an ambivalent meaning on the energetic level. On the one hand they bring luck, but they are also described as companions of witches.

Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders or the axolotl. They are the first vertebrates that moved on land but reproduced in water. This process is still the same today. All animals of this genus have in common that they have a smooth and moist skin.

The adult animal goes into the water and lays its eggs there. Tadpoles hatch from the eggs. In a metamorphosis the gills disappear and the creature grows legs and a lung. After this process, the animal can also move on land and leaves the waters of its birth for the first time.

Power Animals Amphibian

As a power animal, amphibians bring a double interpretation. They stand for luck and should never be rejected or killed. They are also associated with wealth. At the same time, they are attributed to entities of negative energies, which means encroachment or taking advantage.

Positive Consideration

Although the amphibians often cause feelings of aversion, they are something special. They manage to completely change their own nature. With this power animal as a companion, there is therefore now the chance to let something completely new arise from your own forces.

Negative Consideration

One’s own ambitions should be reviewed. There is a danger of not appreciating the position and opinion of others. At the same time, the motives of others should be critically scrutinized so as not to be unintentionally drawn into alienating matters after the fact.

Dream Interpretation Amphibian

If an amphibian appears in a dream, the accompanying circumstances and the basic feeling of the dream are to be included. These give an indication whether a positive or negative development is to be expected. The reason for this is the ambivalent meaning of the animal.

Positive Aspects

In professional or financial matters, the amphibian helps to jump into the profit zone or even independence. A great advancement is in store and this opens up completely new as well as unexpected possibilities.

Negative Aspects

A bad omen announces itself as soon as the animal dies, is murdered or is put to flight by all means. A situation is misjudged and the dreamer makes a wrong decision.