The albatross is a messenger and brings news as well as news. In addition, he triggers processes of purification, so that energies can flow better.

The albatross lives in the southern oceans as well as in the Pacific Ocean. The bird is visually very similar to the seagull, but has a much larger appearance. The seabird is a frequent guest and companion, especially among fishermen. With a wingspan of 3.5 m, albatrosses sail long distances. The curved beak of the tube-nosed birds is striking.

The birds feed on squid, crabs or jellyfish. The animals nest in colonies with up to 100,000 pairs building their nests a few meters apart. Their natural enemies include seals and killer whales. The seabird eats fresh food as well as fish remains and carrion. To fend off an enemy, it spits its stomach contents in a powerful jet in the direction of the attacker. 

Power Animal Albatross

The power animal albatross brings messages, news and news. Changes are announced or an expected feedback arrives. The current situation will be improved by the information coming soon. With only a few wing beats the albatross reaches its destination. As a power animal, it wants to communicate that only little effort is needed to solve the current tasks.

Positive Consideration

The albatross teaches to clean the current energies. The environment as well as one’s own energy channels should be checked and cleaned so that the energy flow can be optimal. This strengthens and brings vitality.

Negative Consideration

As a flying animal, the albatross is often found in the air for a long time. He sometimes lacks the connection to the earth and thus the groundedness. This can lead to an inaccessibility or the own behavior is more oriented towards flight than permanence.

Dream Interpretation Albatross

In dream interpretation the albatross is a sign of luck and success. He brings longed-for news. Sailors have always considered the bird a good omen and rich prey.

Positive Aspects

The seabird announces improvements in one’s life situation. The time of stagnation or perseverance is over. The dreamer can be happy about positive news.

Negative Aspects

Despite the good news, not everyone may be happy about the upcoming changes. It may be that a close friend or acquaintance will pour in reproaches and accusations.