The blackbird is a songbird and in everyday life people like to hear it through its sounds. It is often found in parks and public gardens.

The blackbird is at home in Europe, Africa and Asia. The songbird prefers the north for nesting. The birds usually leave the north in winter and look for warmer areas. Blackbirds are known for their melodious and loud sounds, which they start at dawn. Blackbirds belong to the thrush family and live in regions where they can find trees and shrubs to build their nests. The birds feed mainly on earthworms and beetles. As soon as the vegetation allows, they also eat berries or fruits.

Power Animal Blackbird

The power animal blackbird builds self-confidence. The joy of life and ease of life increase when the songbird appears. Moments of joy return. Just as, for example, the raven or other birds with a dark plumage, the blackbird is considered to be a contact with the world of the dead. It guards its nest and thus also the entrance gate to the other or dead world.

Positive Consideration

The blackbird brings the pleasant and life-affirming attributes to life. News is to be expected and news is to be exchanged. More light is to come into one’s life. Activities are to be selected according to their effect and consciously chosen to improve one’s emotional life.

Negative Consideration

Undertakings, which contribute only little to the strengthening of the well-being are to be omitted. When the request of the power animal is not followed, hopes can fade and the attitude of one’s own life management experiences a destructive thrust. It is important to find a balance and not to lose touch with reality.

Dream Interpretation Blackbird

If the blackbird flies into a dream, it promises joy of life and possible solutions. The sounds of the bird bring news and invite to exchange with like-minded people. Success comes when the dreamer is ready to accept the assistance and engage in the available opportunities.

Positive Aspects

If the dreamer is currently facing a problematic situation in everyday life, the blackbird announces a clarification and improvement of the circumstances. Existing weaknesses are transformed into potential strengths with the songbird.

Negative Aspects

The blackbird announces in the dream the areas where there is a conscious or unconscious dissatisfaction. The dreamer should face the challenges and bring about change. Otherwise, the situation will not resolve.