Ladybug is one of the symbols of luck in our society. Similar to the pig, the colorful insect is considered by people as a messenger of good luck and success.

According to their name, ladybugs belong to the family of beetles. The hemispherical insects are capable of flight and are native to the world with various representatives of their genus. The number of dots on the mating wings, as well as the color of the beetle, depends on the species and, on the other hand, according to popular belief, does not change over the lifetime.

Ladybugs love warm climate and therefore they are more common in subtropical regions than in Europe. In our country they like to hibernate in groups when temperatures start to drop. The creepy-crawlies feed on aphids. Preference is given to aphids on their menu. Mites or bugs are also part of their diet. The natural predators of ladybugs are lizards, birds, spiders, frogs or other insect species.

Power animal ladybug

The power animal ladybug is a classic messenger for happiness and success. Fellow men wish consciously and mostly without envy a positive development in the life of another. Often changes are pending or the person concerned is at a crossroads. With the realignment a good success is supported.

Positive Consideration

With the ladybug as a power animal, no unforeseen negative or unwanted events are to be expected. Disadvantages or other disturbances can be almost excluded in the current situation. Fortuna will open the doors and show how beautiful life is.

Negative Consideration

Happiness is only temporary. Even if it falls into your lap, it needs sustainable developments and setting of the course. The impetus comes as if by itself. After that, however, permanence must be triggered by one’s own efforts.

Dream Interpretation Ladybug

In dream interpretation, the ladybug is a sign of the success of a task or project. In addition, there may be a positive message in love as soon as the beetle appears in the dream. Appreciation and praise are given to the dreamer.

Positive Aspects

Moments of happiness, positive coincidences or successful business deals are just around the corner. There will be no more unexpected turns before the goal is reached. Optimism and confidence are indicated.

Negative Aspects

Happiness cannot be captured or held on to. It comes along as if by itself, will bring an improvement and then often moves on. Only those who are prepared to contribute something themselves to its permanent preservation can also look forward to lasting changes.