The Ocelot is instinctual and can rely on his abilities. It promotes the gut feeling and intuition. Completely on his own, the challenges can be solved best at the moment.

The ocelot belongs to the predators and is assigned to the family of cats. Native to Central and South America, the small cat has visual similarities with the jaguar or the leopard. Living in the rainforest, the predatory cat is nocturnal and a solitary animal. The spots are often asymmetrical, so that they differ on the right and left half of the body. The good climbers like to hide in tree hollows or thick bushes during the day. The hunters prefer prey that lives near the ground. Therefore rats, sloths, rabbits, coatis or reptiles are often on their menu.

Power Animal Ocelot

The power animal ocelot encourages to trust in one’s own instincts and to give more importance to one’s perception. Advice from others is not worth as much as faith in oneself at the moment. With preparation and inner peace, all hurdles can be successfully overcome. Silence gives strength and sometimes clarity of thought can come with nightfall.

Positive Consideration

The ocelot knows what he is doing and what strategy to follow. With this power animal superiority and sovereignty come into life. The clever and prudent hunter recognizes the right moment and does not let himself be distracted by anything. Should help be needed nevertheless once, the female ancestors stand with advice to the side.

Negative Consideration

Loners don’t always have it easy. They find it difficult to open up to others and to trust them. Shyness and a reserved nature can lead to isolation or seclusion. This is not always the right thing to do in the long run.

Dream Interpretation Ocelot

In dream interpretation, the ocelot brings the confident and brash demeanor. After a period of reflection and gathering of forces, the dreamer will instinctively know what course to take. Success is certain as soon as the focus is entirely on the implementation of one’s ideas.

Positive Aspects

The existing skills are quite sufficient to achieve the goal. The right moment should be waited for so that no mistakes happen. The magic of the night can help to find the right answers.

Negative Aspects

Managing everything alone also means not overlooking anything. The inner demand can sometimes be too high. There are points in life when it can be advisable to give up one’s isolation and become part of a team. This is especially true when there is a self-critical recognition that set goals cannot be achieved alone.