The woodpecker hammers tirelessly against the tree. With this he wants to warn, to point out something important and to shake up. The time of change is coming.

The woodpecker is conspicuous by its colorful plumage, its chisel beak and by its hammering against trees. Its tongue is unusually long and it has barbs at the tip. Its natural enemies include the goshawk and the marten.

The bird is native to all regions where there are trees. Apart from Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific islands, it is represented worldwide. In our region the great spotted woodpecker is widespread. Woodpeckers do not like long flights. They often climb or hop around on the ground. Outside the mating season they are solitary. The birds have strong endurance, which they demonstrate daily by hammering against a tree. This is the way they find their food.

Power Animal Woodpecker

The power animal woodpecker invites you to shape your own life. A positive turn is imminent. With own willpower and the necessary perseverance visions are put into practice. Vitality increases and with it the general well-being improves. The hammering of a woodpecker takes place rhythmically. Those who surrender to the beat of their own heart will soon experience pleasant developments.

Postive Consideration

Creative and emotional development returns. The woodpecker promotes compassion, love for each other and gives us the strength to achieve our goals. The ease of connecting with nature will become apparent. Challenges are accepted and overcome.

Negative Consideration

The dark side of the power animal includes moodiness, a possessive demeanor, and a demanding attitude toward fellow humans. The pounding can annoy others and be perceived as penetrating. It is stressful to have to follow the pounding permanently. This dampens the desire for freedom for others.

Dream Interpretation Woodpecker

If the woodpecker appears in a dream, he wants to draw attention to certain developments and decisions. He warns very insistently about people in the immediate vicinity or situations that will currently arise in the life of the dreamer.

Positive Aspects

Those who manage to be diligent in their daily work will soon experience success. With perseverance, patience and a steady approach, the dreamer will reach his desired goals. This will drive changes and pave the way for a positive future.

Negative Aspects

The behavior of people in the immediate vicinity should be checked. It is possible that only by inquiring and asking will you find out who is a swindler. The woodpecker keeps hammering at the tree until its prey shows itself. Likewise, the dreamer is asked to check the situation again.