The power animal raptor brings the change of direction and is a symbol of power. In dream interpretation raptors are a symbol of acumen and speed.

Raptors are mostly carnivorous birds and they include eagles, buzzards, kites, owls, hawks, sparrow hawks, and harriers. The diurnal hunters have very good eyesight, strong legs, sharp claws and a curved hooked beak. The animals are very imposing and are therefore also regarded as kings of the air. As heraldic animals they embody sovereignty, power and superiority.

The silent hunters observe their surroundings with a sharp penetrating gaze and perceive the smallest movements. In many species, the females are larger than the males. The birds can fly persistently close to the ground and change direction as fast as an arrow for a successful prey flight.

Power Animal Raptor

As a power animal, the raptor brings inner greatness, strength and power. The self-confidence grows and the aura shines, because it is charged with positive energy. Projects succeed, because they are implemented thoughtfully and well calculated. Within a group the leader is accompanied by the power animal. Quickly and intelligently plans are put into action.

Positive Consideration

A productive and assertive time has begun. The goal is clear in sight and all contingencies are considered. Prudence and foresight prevail. Changes can be responded to confidently within a short time. Vigilant, full of perseverance and with sufficient patience, developments are observed in order to be able to exert influence at the right moment of action.

Negative Consideration

Holding the scepter tightly in your hand raises expectations and is not ideal for everyone. Internal pressure is just as possible as a rising fear of failure. Both aspects should and want to be overcome. Even the strongest creature can be unaware of its powers and under certain circumstances allows itself to be put on shackles or in chains.

Dream Interpretation Raptor

If a raptor appears in a dream, it primarily brings inner growth and a self-confident appearance. In the professional sphere, advancement is possible with the assumption of more responsibility. Recognition and fame are certain.

Positive Aspects

The fulfillment of one’s own needs is the focus and will succeed. Well-considered decisions are made that bring success and prestige. Alongside many other competitors, a convincing appearance succeeds and with it the way to the winner’s podium.

Negative Aspects

The imposing animal expresses ruthlessness. Superiority towards others sets in and this does not go down well. To take what one wants without paying attention to the needs of others can lead to restrictions and loss of status in the further course.

If the bird grabs the prey in the dream and flies away with it, another person is stronger and the dreamer will lose out.