The starfish brings the connection to one’s inner life. As the star of the seas, it brings the special developments in life and gives information about the feelings.

Starfish belong to the phylum of echinoderms. The mostly five-armed aquatic animals have small feet on the underside, which are used for locomotion. On the upper side there are palpable bumps or nodes. In the center of the underside of the body is the mouth. Sea stars feed on carrion or are predatory.

The sea dwellers are found in all seas. Species of them can be found as far away as the deep sea or Antarctica. Similar to many bird species, sea stars have a sexual dismorphobia. This means that the sexes can be clearly distinguished from each other visually. Their natural enemies include rays, sharks and fish.

Power Animal Starfish

The power animal starfish advises an intensive introspection. One’s own feelings and emotions should be looked at more closely. Only those who are aware of their inner processes can continue on their way powerfully and strongly. The power animal promotes self-confidence and reminds to have sufficient confidence in oneself. At the moment it is about being able to recognize and understand oneself better. So it becomes possible to grow beyond oneself.

Positive Consideration

With the starfish increases self-confidence. Purification processes take place and thus create space for development. The time has come to pay more attention to the special moments in life and perceive yourself as something unique.

Negative Consideration

The starfish leaves no room for unrealistic self-assessment. As soon as feelings have been suppressed, they now come to the surface with full force. The previous protection from his own inner processes will no longer work.

Dream Interpretation Starfish

In dream interpretation, the starfish is an indication of a phase of inner transformation. Healing and regeneration are possible when the starfish appears in the dream. Evasion or defensiveness will not be helpful. Further development begins when the dreamer opens up to opportunities.

Positive Aspects

The star of the seas breaks the enlightenment and clarity. The view for the essential is sharpened. One’s own feelings are now better assessed and reflected.

Negative Aspekte

The sea dweller can hold on to the floor with its suction cups. This makes it difficult to let go and freely experience the feelings present. The dreamer is asked to look reality in the eye and not to resist against decisions made.