The sun makes all life on earth possible. It is considered a planet, but is actually a fixed star.

A special event of the sun represents the solar eclipse. Whenever the rare opportunity to do so presents itself on the planet, millions of people look up at the sky and show enthusiasm. Nevertheless, this spectacle is not associated with a positive association for all people.

Since the sun is associated with the provision of energy, many worry as soon as its power diminishes or is temporarily unavailable.

Astronomical Significance

The interior of the sun is 15 million°C and its surface measures just under 5,500°C. It is located almost 150,000,000 km away from the earth. Essentially, it consists of hydrogen and helium. Its diameter is 1.4 million kilometers. It is 1,000 times heavier than all the planets combined.

Astrological Meaning

Orbit of the Earth around the Sun

365 days

Astrological Symbol

The sun is the source of life and shows our inner being. It is astrologically the most important planet. The power, the drive and the life itself are symbolized by it. One’s ego is expressed through it. It is also known as ego or the self.

Where it stands, a special meaning flows to the interpretation of a horoscope. The strengths and weaknesses of a person can be read from it. The hidden talents and most important character traits are expressed by the sun sign.

The essential processes of action as well as development in the course of life are represented by it. It presents the fundamental experiences that are made in life.

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