The moon symbolizes the inner being and the psyche. Next to the sun, it is the most important planet.

For some scientists it is quite strictly questionable whether the moon is also a planet by definition. If we would drive 9 x around the earth by car or ship, we have covered the distance to the moon. It is 81 x lighter than the earth, which leads to the fact that also the gravity is clearly weaker. As a result, we can jump 6 x higher on the Moon and also move 6 x slower than on Earth.

The “moonlight” that we humans like so much is created by the reflection of sunlight. The moon itself has no light of its own. The lunar eclipse is described as a special event.

Annually, the moon moves away from the earth by a few centimeters due to the strong forces acting between it and the earth. These are the same forces whose attraction causes the tides to ebb and flow.

Astronomical Significance

Temperatures fluctuate from 100°C during the day to -170°C at night. The temperature change occurs within a few seconds. It is the fifth largest moon in the solar system with a diameter of 3476 km. Its distance from the Earth is 384,400 km. The lunar surface is like a dusty desert landscape dotted with craters, reefs, mountains and valleys.

Astrological Meaning

Orbit around the earth

29 1/2 days

Astrological Symbol

The moon characterizes our inner feelings. Due to its fast speed, it symbolizes the flow of events. Therefore, it plays an important role in hourly astrology, date consulting, oral astrology, and astromedicine.

With him, astrologers learn more about the mother of the horoscope owner. His maternal qualities are presented and so is his relationship with his mother.

The home, home, family and relationships with people in the home environment are described through him.

The feelings, soul and psyche are represented through him. He describes how we feel. Likewise, he provides information about the face with which we present ourselves to the public in order to protect our true feelings.

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