Full Moon

For many centuries, the full moon has brought people into a state that reveals emotional boundaries. At the same time, it highlights issues that need change and improvement. It is the opposite of the new moon and initiates the phase of the waning moon. Definition Full moons are always the times when the ecliptic geocentric weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2022

The full moon 2022 is a celestial event which is perceived as intense especially by very sensitive people. In general, an increase in emotional state can often be observed a few days before. A new moon phase is initiated by the full moon. This lasts until the next new moon and is connected with different weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2021

The Full Moon 2021 brings potential for growth and change. The tense event contributes to the fact that conflicts are revealed. Thereby a development of consciousness takes place, in which lies a chance for optimization. At the time of the full moon the planets sun and moon are opposite each other from an astrological point weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2020

The full moon 2020 will hold energetic challenges especially for sensitive people. There will be 13 full moons, which will trigger a quality of time until the next new moon, in which various tasks have to be mastered. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other from an astrological point of view, states of restlessness weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2019

The Full Moon 2019 will occupy human minds, as in every year. The full moon basically surround various legends and stories. People who are neither spiritual nor esoteric report states of restlessness and insomnia at the time of the full moon. Astrologically, at the moment of the full moon, the planets Sun an Moon are weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2018

The 2018 full moon will occur a total of 13 times this year. The mystical and special energy of a full moon has been known for centuries. The moon gives information about our feelings and has a direct influence on our behavior. According to astrological assumptions, our emotions are influenced by the full moon. There weiterlesen | read more:

Full Moon 2017

The full moon 2017 is said to have a mystical effect, as full moons have always had. The moon has a close connection with the sensations and every emotion. It is said that around the time of the full moon, interpersonal tensions rise. The energy of the moon can be used to set a course weiterlesen | read more: