Full Moon 2018

The 2018 full moon will occur a total of 13 times this year.

The mystical and special energy of a full moon has been known for centuries. The moon gives information about our feelings and has a direct influence on our behavior. According to astrological assumptions, our emotions are influenced by the full moon. There are studies that prove that at the time of the full moon interpersonal tensions increase. The full moon energy is used by people working spiritually to actively address the issues it triggers. Likewise, many people use the energy of the new moon to implement new plans.

The full moon initiates a phase that continues through the waning moon until the next new moon.





Zodiac Sign


January 2, 2018




January 31, 2018




March 2, 2018




March 31, 2018




April 30, 2018




May 29, 2018




June 28, 2018




July 27, 2018




August 26, 2018




September 25, 2018




October 24, 2018




November 23, 2018




December 22, 2018



Attention: All data refer to the calculations of the place Hamburg, Germany.
The time changes by a few minutes as soon as you are on a different longitude or latitude.

1st Full Moon January 2018

The January 2018 Full Moon occurs on January 2, 2018 at 03:24 am in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This Full Moon will bring our gut feelings and intuition to peak form. We are active and experience a time marked by various moments of happiness. We feel good and bad at the same time. There are opposing energies united in this full moon. We strive for family support, but we do not always receive it according to our expectations. In financial matters we should be careful. Care should be taken when investing money or paying bills so that no situations of overexposure take place. Otherwise, losses may occur. Likewise, challenges may arise in love matters. The pursuit of love will keep us busy.

2nd Full Moon January 2018

The second full moon in January 2018 is on January 31, 2018 at 2:26 pm in the zodiac sign Leo. We want to show our charming and pleasant side. We will not always succeed as well as we aspire to. The Full Moon triggers a quality of time in which we feel the need to be more the center of attention. We actively seek out situations where we can be more noticed by others. We should be cautious about material issues. Investments or financial matters do not seem to develop as optimally as we aspire. In love, challenges are also indicated by this full moon, which will not always be easy to solve. We would like to make our life more beautiful, but often obstacles are put in our way, which will prevent us from doing so.

1st Full Moon March 2018

The Full Moon March 2018 takes place on March 2, 2018 at 01:51 am in the zodiac sign Virgo. Through it, our need for order and structure is triggered. In the coming weeks, we will put a lot of effort to gradually implement an existing plan. Almost pedantically we experience our actions on the way to the goal. We are disciplined and have more perseverance than usual. There is an inner strength within us that provides power and stamina. We act less than from a gut feeling and create a basis of deliberate action. At this time, we should guard against dazzlers. Our intuition will not always be the best and not everyone deserves our trust. Therefore, factual considerations are especially important at this time. Before making important decisions, we are well advised to take a night to think things over.

2nd Full Moon March 2018

This year there will also be a second full moon in March. This will occur on March 31, 2018 at 2:36 pm in the zodiac sign Libra. It brings various challenges that we will face. Libra indicates that love will be the focus. Singles, as well as couples, are more concerned than usual with fulfillment in love. The pursuit of harmony and balance will drive us. Communication is slowed down at the same time. Misunderstandings and quarrels are in the air. It will not be easy to cope with everyday life without conflicts. We hurt each other without meaning to.  Not every connection will survive this quality of time. Those who do make it through will be stronger afterwards. We are also not as active as we would like to be. Our drive is slowed down.

Full Moon April 2018

The Full Moon in April 2018 is on April 30, 2018 at 02:58 am in the zodiac sign Scorpio. Through him, a phase is triggered in which we will strive for depth and look behind the scenes. All our actions and experiences get under the skin. We are not satisfied with superficialities. With skin and hair we encounter life and thus come to our limits. Weak minds will need more rest during this time. Within us we feel the presence of the strength we need in coping with this time. Although there will be little ease during this time, it is not bad per se. We will be carried and it will not always be easy, yet we will learn much through it. It is a time of transformation that will move us forward and shape us.

Full Moon May 2018

The Full Moon in May 2018 is on May 29, 2018 at 4:19 pm in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This Full Moon transports themes of faith into our lives. We examine what philosophy we want to follow in the future and expand our spiritual horizons. We will be better off if we ourselves are active and open towards life and other people. Changes belong to our development. The more we ourselves stimulate the spiritual processes and are willing to look beyond our horizons, the more comfortable many things will become. Our belief patterns want to be re-evaluated. Attitudes towards various issues have changed and need to be adjusted accordingly. This Full Moon shows us that our innermost beliefs need to be examined by us in order for us to have a fulfilling life.

Full Moon June 2018

The Full Moon in June 2018 takes place on June 28, 2018 at 06:52 am in the zodiac sign Capricorn. Through it, we become more disciplined and stronger. This Full Moon triggers a quality of time when we make our plans and do everything we can to achieve our goals. With hard work, we move forward. Additionally, we may prepare ourselves inwardly for surprises. These are also triggered by the full moon. The more intensively we concentrate on the fulfillment of our targets, the better their fulfillment succeeds. Besides favorable opportunities show up, which we can use. Especially people who have a hard time with rules and specifications will perceive the energies of the moon as exhausting and energy-sapping.  If we are honest, however, it is not so bad if we are a little more ambitious.

Full Moon July 2018

The Full Moon in July 2018 occurs on July 27, 2018 at 10:20 pm in the zodiac sign Aquarius. We are tired of the well-trodden paths and entrenched structures. We long for departure and change. We want to breathe deeply and enjoy free moments. Friendly contacts do us good. Everyone who restricts us will have to reckon with resistance. This full moon is at the same time a blood moon. A total lunar eclipse is expected in the starry sky. We are very active and restless. The energies of the moon are not easy to handle. Let’s be prepared for sudden events that we will not always be comfortable with. Not everything can be planned and we should take that to heart. It is necessary to keep calm, because it will be very turbulent around us.

Full Moon August 2018

In August, the full moon is on August 26, 2018 at 01:56 pm in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Through it, we will be more engaged with our inner perception. The gut feeling, intuition and our dreams will speak out more often in everyday life. There are signals around us that we should pay attention to. The energies of the full moon will be good for people who basically deal more intensively with signs of life. They can be guided and directed to ultimately achieve their goal. The quality of time is good for trusting and being more open to the fates of life. We have a good balance between an inner order and the intuitive encounters. We should use this energy as we can feel comfortable with them. This Full Moon will be less conflictual than other lunar constellations.

Full Moon September 2018

The full moon in September 2018 will occur on September 25, 2018 at 04:52 am. At this time, the moon is in the zodiac sign of Aries. As a result, we will be engaged in the energies of activity and new beginnings. We are full of power and may overshoot the mark. Communication is disturbed. We have difficulty expressing what we want and how we want to go our way. At the same time, we pay less attention to the needs of those around us. Ultimately, this leads to increased conflicts in everyday life. Separations and processes of letting go are triggered by the full moon. Those who find themselves in difficult constellations will find it difficult to overcome the challenges. For some, the full moon brings the necessary momentum for change.

Full Moon October 2018

In October, the Full Moon is on October 24, 2018 at 6:45 pm in the zodiac sign Taurus. The energies on this day are almost opposite. On the one hand, we strive for comfort, tranquility and material security. At the same time, the Moon is conjunct the planet Uranus. This brings energies of unplanned change, transformation and almost revolution. As a result, we find ourselves forced to make choices between a familiar course and a new one. In matters of love, it also becomes difficult. Finances and matters of the heart will be put to the test. With this Full Moon, everyone will make good decisions if they keep a cool head and take a step back. With an inner discipline and working out a step-by-step way forward, you will ultimately succeed in overcoming any challenge.

Full Moon November 2018

On November 23 at 06:40 am the full moon in November 2018 takes place in the zodiac sign Gemini. We have various points on our soul, which we would like to shout out into the world. We are more communicative, clarify important matters and want to intensify exchanges with other people. We should be careful to be very emotional and thus say things that ultimately seem important only for a moment. We lose sight of the whole situation. We are overactive and simply want too much. Ultimately, we push our luck too hard as a result and may lose out. We trip over our own legs when we run blindly and follow an impulse. We will feel sorry for it afterwards or it will go down wrong with other people. Less may even be more in November.

Full Moon December 2018

The full moon in December takes place on December 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm. The moon at this time is in the zodiac sign Cancer. Through it, all family issues are addressed. So close to Christmas, emotions about the constricting private situation come up in us, which want to be illuminated more closely. We should expect pleasant and unexpected developments – although they look different than hoped. The full moon activates a quality of time that makes us rebel inside. Our family is more important to us than we would have guessed. Therefore we can stand disturbances or incidents of all kinds less well. We sacrifice ourselves and pay too little attention to ourselves. As a result, our expectations of others become greater. This will lead to various disappointments if we do not take countermeasures in time.