Full Moon 2022

The full moon 2022 is a celestial event which is perceived as intense especially by very sensitive people. In general, an increase in emotional state can often be observed a few days before. A new moon phase is initiated by the full moon. This lasts until the next new moon and is connected with different topics, which draw our attention in everyday life. At the moment of the full moon, the planets Sun and Moon are opposite each other from an astrological point of view. As a result, emotions and will are not in balance and can cause restlessness or other challenges.





Zodiac Sign


January 18, 2022




February 16, 2022




March 18, 2022




April 16, 2022




May 16, 2022




June 14, 2022




July 13, 2022




August 12, 2022




September 10, 2022




October 9, 2022




November 8, 2022




December 8, 2022



Attention: All data refer to the calculations of the place Hamburg, Germany.
The time changes by a few minutes as soon as you are on a different longitude or latitude.

Full Moon January 2022

With the first full moon of the new year on January 18, 2022, with the moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer, family or domestic issues will come into closer focus. Decisions need to be made and good solutions found. Power games and lack of assertiveness become unwelcome companions. The world is emotionally colored and this makes factual and pragmatic decision-making difficult. Dissatisfaction with one’s own abilities can occur and thus cast a shadow over existing skills and competencies. Belief in oneself is required. Inwardly, a longing for fun and joy arises. At the same time, however, other people in the immediate environment are waiting for their needs to be taken into account as well.

Full Moon February 2022

The dates of the Full Moon in the shortest month of the year are: February 16, 2022 at 5:56 pm in the zodiac sign Leo. The coming weeks are perceived as more relaxed and playful. The entertaining sides of life want to get more attention in everyday life. It almost seems as if binding agreements or established rules become less important. People in the immediate vicinity in particular seem as if they don’t care about much or at least don’t care. This irritates the mind and puts self-worth to the test. It helps not to take oneself so seriously and not to regard the behavior of others as a personal attack. One’s own interests and leisure activities can thus be pursued more vigorously.

Full Moon March 2022

In March, March 18, 2022, at 08:17 am, ushers in a new lunar phase. The moon is in the zodiac sign Virgo at this time. As a result, everyday tasks and duties will play a greater role in the coming weeks. With diligence and a well-considered strategy challenges will be mastered successfully. First the work and then the pleasure – this is the motto of the waning moon phase. Not everyone finds this easy, especially because nothing seems to get done by itself. It can come to deceptions and to irregularities of the own perception. It is not valid to believe everything what was said or brought in experience. One’s own research will uncover one or the other misinformation.

Full Moon April 2022

On April 16, 2022, the Moon and Sun will be directly opposite each other at 7:54 pm. The Moon will then be in the zodiac sign Libra. The themes of the zodiac sign include balance and harmony. The beautiful should actually get a higher value. Active and diligent work is done to realize one’s own ideas of balance. The positions of others are perceived as difficult. The power to assert oneself is weakened and therefore one’s own plans are not implemented in the form in which they were initially envisaged. By compromising and taking into account the point of view of others, solutions and alternatives can be found. For this, everyone has to take a step back and deviate a little from their point of view.

Full Moon May 2022

The moon is in the zodiac sign Scorpio at the time of the full moon in the merry month of May and experiences a total lunar eclipse at the same time. As a result, on May 16, 2022, at 05:14 am, its themes will be energetically activated. The zodiac sign stands for depth, an emotionally powerful experience and transformation at the same time. It is about actively questioning one’s own life design with very good intuitive actions. Deceptions will no longer find a place. The sexual experience strengthens and releases feelings of happiness. Passionately and with all senses life is to be lived. What no longer fits will be disposed of. Separations liberate and protect from further disappointments. One’s own life tasks are perceived as difficult. Nevertheless, many things clear up as soon as decisions have been made.

Full Moon June 2022

On June 14, 2022 at 12:51 pm we expect a supermoon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This means that the moon will appear particularly large in the sky because it is very close to the earth. On the energetic or emotional level, the coming period is about expanding one’s horizons. Knowledge is to be built up and interest in foreign countries increases. More attention will be paid to how other people deal with similar problems or challenges. From this, knowledge can be gained on a personal level. It is important not to be deceived or misled. Not everything can be adopted and not all information received is correct or complete.

Full Moon July 2022

There will also be a supermoon in July 2022, as the moon is still particularly close to the Earth. The full moon will take place on July 13, 2022 at 7:37 pm in the zodiac sign Capricorn. Especially the communication is disturbed in the coming moon phase. There will be more misunderstandings, conflicts or quarrels. People can be observed talking past each other. Nevertheless, the moon phase is accompanied by very positive energies. The self-confidence is strengthened and the gut feeling shows the right way. Intuitively it can be recognized which decisions are the right ones. This has a strengthening effect on the assertiveness and self-assertion. With the necessary discipline as a tailwind, set goals are achieved.

Full Moon August 2022

In August, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite each other on August 12, 2022 at 02:35 am. The new moon phase is initiated and that with the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius. The need for freedom, the individual development and the desire for a creative development increase. The search for sudden solutions begins and is experienced as an obstacle. Not always the quick decisions will turn out to be good. It may also be that in the short term no door will open through which changes are hoped for. This leads to tension, because calm and patience do not seem to be available at the moment. The spirit of optimism wants to force its way through with all its might, and that may well break more than expected.

Full Moon September 2022

The September full moon is perhaps considered the most beautiful of the year. It is expected on September 10, 2022 at 10:58 am in the zodiac sign of Pisces. The world around us seems to be dreamier. Ideas, fantasies and desires are booming. There begins the pursuit of connections and activities that should animate and thus have a special fulfillment. Unexpected developments are possible, which are completely in our sense. Perhaps heart and head will continue to have battles to fight, yet there will be signs along the way that will point the right course as if by themselves. It can be observed that empathy is increasing. Mutual understanding or at least being able to understand the decisions of others makes everyday tasks easier.

Full Moon October 2022

On October 9, 2022, the new lunar phase will begin at 9:54 pm. The moon is in the zodiac sign Aries at this time. To want with the head through the wall will not bring the desired success. Too much power and will has a destructive effect and lets some things break. The inner power is big enough to create something new or to build up alternatives. Nevertheless, upcoming decisions should be carefully examined to see if they are the right ones in the long run. Disregarding the wishes and needs of others will lead to interpersonal disturbances. In addition, before making financial decisions, the advice of a neutral person is perhaps the better choice than concentrating solely on one’s own ability.

Full Moon November 2022

The Full Moon in November 2022 is accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse. It is on November 8, 2022 at 12:02 pm in the zodiac sign Taurus. During the upcoming lunar phase, important conversations and decisions should be well thought out, as communication challenges may arise. Sometimes matters will not develop according to plan or as usual. However, in the moment of failure or apparent mishap, a new option arises. Surprises, sudden and unexpected news are in store. This energy of the unexpected moment is initially difficult to reconcile with the search for consistency. It is necessary to learn that in them, however, is the solution to many things.

Full Moon December 2022

The last full moon of the year 2022 is expected on December 8, 2022 at 05:08 am in the zodiac sign Gemini. Exchange, communication and contact with like-minded people should be intensified. This will also succeed, although it is not always done loosely and easily. The coming lunar phase is characterized by activity, discipline and a peculiar drive. Thus, the daily obligations can be perceived and fulfilled. Shortly before the holidays the energy helps to be able to meet all requirements. Only we ourselves could and in this time in the way, because not everything happens as we want it. The inspiration of people from the immediate environment can be the solution to challenges. However, this requires openness.