Full Moon

For many centuries, the full moon has brought people into a state that reveals emotional boundaries. At the same time, it highlights issues that need change and improvement. It is the opposite of the new moon and initiates the phase of the waning moon.


Full moons are always the times when the ecliptic geocentric longitude of the moon is 180° greater than the ecliptic geocentric longitude of the sun.

Ecliptic is one of the two celestial coordinates of the so-called ecliptic coordinate system.
The term geocentric in translation means that the view from a hypothetical observer of the center of the earth is directed to the event.

At full moon the moon reaches its maximum brightness.

Astrological Explanation

Approximately every 29 1/2 days the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other from the astrological point of view from the earth. Astrologers speak of the fact that they are both celestial bodies in opposition to each other. This creates a tension between the different energies.

The sun brings us energy and the moon regulates our emotions. The tensions cause us to react more impulsively than we are used to. Our patience is not the best and composure is lost to many more quickly than on other days.

Full Moon Rituals

On a full moon, rituals are performed by people working spiritually. These should help to strengthen the well-being, to direct the consciousness to current areas of life and to gain confidence.

The universe is asked for appropriate signs during a ritual.

Full Moon Wish Fulfillment

One of the most popular rituals is full moon wish fulfillment.

For this, current wishes are written on a piece of paper. Depending on your taste, after the fire, water or earth ritual, they can be burned, put into a flowing body of water or buried in a sacred place.

Some mediums make contact with the spiritual world on the day of the full moon and hand over the wishes to the angels.

Liberation Rituals

Annoying habits or objects that are no longer desirable are written down on a piece of paper and then burned. They should completely remove themselves from our lives. Therefore, care should be taken that the slips of paper were completely burned in the embers.

Overview Full Moons

Since this website exists since the year 2017, all full moons from this year on are listed and described in their meaning.

Attention: All data refer to the calculations of the place Hamburg, Germany.
The time changes by a few minutes as soon as you are on a different longitude or latitude.

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