Full Moon 2020

The full moon 2020 will hold energetic challenges especially for sensitive people. There will be 13 full moons, which will trigger a quality of time until the next new moon, in which various tasks have to be mastered. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other from an astrological point of view, states of restlessness and sleeplessness will accumulate. The planets are in a relationship of tension at the time of the full moon and thus trigger unpleasant energies for some people.





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January 10, 2020




February 9, 2020




March 09, 2020




April 8, 2020




May 7, 2020




June 5, 2020




July 5, 2020




August 3, 2020




September 2, 2020




October 1, 2020




October 31 2020




November 30, 2020




December 30 2020



Attention: All data refer to the calculations of the place Hamburg, Germany.
The time changes by a few minutes as soon as you are at a different latitude or location.

Full Moon January 2020

The first full moon in 2020 is also a penumbral lunar eclipse. It will take place on January 10, 2020 at 8:21 pm. The Moon is in the zodiac sign of Cancer at this time and will question the extent to which we want to let others dictate our lives. Misunderstandings, conflicts and power plays are to be expected. In some areas we have given too much control to others. This is now showing and will lead to disruptions in how we cope with everyday life. Separations and partings are to be expected in particularly difficult circumstances. This is especially likely if the problems have been going on for several weeks or months. Thus the first full moon of the year already expresses very clearly that we should take better care of our needs ourselves. Those who have been interested in the concerns of others for too long will also find that these people will turn away.

Full Moon February 2020

In February, the next full moon will occur on February 9 at 08:33 am. It will occur in the zodiac sign Leo and thus address sides of our personality. We free ourselves from views, traits and behavior patterns that no longer belong to us during the coming lunar phase. This day will be easier for us than other full moon days. There will be no further tension aspects to other planets. As a result, the basic mood on this day will be easier for many people to handle than on other full moon days. We will find ourselves active and bustling. Many will be physically out and about, others will feel a restlessness, and some will experience leaps of thought. It will not be easy to concentrate. Nevertheless, we will put many things in a better light for us and thus be more satisfied.

Full Moon March 2020

In March, the full moon is expected at 6:47 pm on the 9th of the month. It is called a super full moon because it is especially close to Earth and appears larger than usual. It is in the zodiac sign of Virgo and brings confrontation with everyday developments. It will examine whether our previous plans are optimal for us and how we can better manage everyday life. We should not put so much stock in other people’s opinions and judgments. Not everyone is to be trusted. Wanting to see only the good in a person will bring disappointment. At the same time, our own gut feeling sometimes lets us down or is gallantly ignored. It is advisable to sleep on all important decisions beforehand and to check the facts calmly. It can also do no harm to get a second opinion. Nevertheless, we also experience that luck will be with us. No matter how far we get carried away, there will be good solutions.

Full Moon April 2020

On April 8, 2020 at 04:35 am the next super full moon will take place in the zodiac sign Libra. The efforts of balancing actions on different levels run full speed. Imbalances have developed in some areas in the past that will now be looked at more closely. Decisions have to be made to initiate changes. Often developments were wrongly estimated or their consequences were not calculated. Through the full moon energies, our attention is drawn in directions that seemed overlooked or believed safe. It is time to mediate between two opposites and find consensus. The general hustle and bustle is heightened and will lead to hectic activity. However, a solution can only be found with a level head and sufficient calm.

Full Moon May 2020

In the merry month of May, we expect the full moon on May 7 at 12:45 pm. It will occur in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, addressing deep-seated issues. Strife and conflict are in the air. Although there is a conviction to make everything clear, misunderstandings still occur. It is also possible that secrets will come to light. The Scorpio is not satisfied with superficialities. He always looks behind the scenes and does not want to make things easy for himself. The lunar energy will help to sharpen your own perception. Intuitive and purposeful steps are taken, the effect of which we will feel. Almost all actions are more passionate, emotional and at the same time thought through. The senses are sharpened. Decisions get under the skin, but they feel right.

Full Moon June 2020

The next penumbral eclipse is expected at 09:12 pm on June 5, 2020. The full moon is in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and thus activates topics that should broaden our spiritual horizons. In financial matters, we will experience disappointment if we have not informed ourselves sufficiently beforehand. Likewise, in interpersonal areas, crisis situations will occur as soon as the true motives of our counterpart are not taken into account. Especially when it comes to romance, being in love or being in love, we should be careful not to hurt anyone. We should likewise not lead ourselves astray or into situations of misconception. Interest in the views and beliefs of others is heightened. We find answers when we take the time to listen to the attitudes and opinions of other people or other cultures.

Full Moon July 2020

On July 5, 2020, the next penumbral eclipse will already occur. In the zodiac sign Capricorn it will take place at 06:44 am. With this full moon, developments are addressed that remind us of the austere sides of life. Attention is focused on issues where discipline, vigilance and order are important. Good for the one who can orientate himself on traditional values and is open to suggestions from wise or experienced persons. There will be little room for creative or half-baked ways out. Sudden developments will be triggered when there seems to be no possibility left. Therefore, we should be prepared for all eventualities. As soon as the focus rests on the realistic assessment of one’s own competencies, possible solutions become apparent. Discussions, disputes and verbal conflicts are also to be expected.

Full Moon August 2020

The full moon in August will be on August 3 at 05:58 pm in the zodiac sign Aquarius. With it, topics such as freedom, individuality and self-realization will be addressed. Existing friendships will be looked at more closely. There have been situations in the past where contradictions arose. Now it becomes apparent which friends could be dispensed with or with whom there is a need for clarification. We had better not get carried away with sudden or euphoric decisions. These are misjudged or lead to strong irritations with other people. Unexpected impulses can be expected at this time, but they are not our best guide. It is advisable to follow trains of thought to the end and to listen to all opinions calmly. Only with prudence can a situation really be clarified.

Full Moon September 2020

In the month of September, there will be a full moon on September 2 at 07:22 am in the zodiac sign of Pisces. The general state of mind and hypersensitivity will occupy us during this time. We are more sensitive overall, but also more receptive to other people’s moods. As soon as we interpret too much or start being too cautious, there will be disturbances in coping with everyday life. Strong importance is attached to words, so conflicts are imminent. The full moon energies can contribute to us looking at things too one-sidedly and losing ourselves too much in an emotional world. The solution is found in distraction. Thus the attention is put less on the sensations and suddenly thoughtful trains of thought are possible again. If emotions are too strong, the overview of the entire development is lost.

Full Moon October 2020

A total of 2 full moons are expected in the month of October. The first will take place on the 1st of the month at 11:05 pm in the zodiac sign Aries and is called a mini full moon. This is due to the fact that at this time the moon is particularly far from the Earth. There is an increase in busyness. There is an increased need for activity and occupation within us. If we are too impulsive, we run the risk of overshooting the mark. Our self-perception could be disturbed and have a negative effect on the realistic assessment of our possibilities as well as our abilities. If calmness and balance are lost, there is a risk that a project will fail. Ideas and desires burst when the drive and the iron will for implementation are too strong. There is no shame in asking for help or being considerate of the pace of others. They will show a way out and a good solution. When there is an excess of energy, self-control falters and triggers problems.

2nd Full Moon October 2020

The 2nd Full Moon in October will occur on October 31 at 3:49 pm in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Although the zodiac sign of Taurus expresses leisureliness and slow decisions, this Full Moon will bring about rapid or unexpected developments. The more inertia or delays showed in a matter, the more likely a breakthrough. This is not to be expected in an atmosphere of patience. On the contrary, restlessness or a tense mood is to be expected. Opposing energies meet at this Full Moon and yet bring a good solution after the balancing process. Leisureliness and change meet. Everything is passionately underpinned and will lead to a consensus.

Full Moon November 2020

In November, at the end of the month on November 30, 2020 is the full moon in the zodiac sign of Gemini. It will occur at 10:29 am, is associated with the 4th and final penumbral eclipse of the year, and will hold exciting challenges. Situations to clarify the balance of power will arise. The need for depth and superficiality oppose each other. There will be exchanges of blows in areas that on the one hand get under the skin and on the other hand have been handled too loosely. Developments can occur in which others want to take our place. It is also conceivable that we will be ruled over. At the same time, we ourselves run the risk of losing sight of the true wishes of others and thinking only of our own needs. The full moon energy will mobilize our inner forces. Those who do not think of themselves sufficiently, fall into lethargy and leave the scepter to others.

Full Moon December 2020

Just before the turn of the year, we will experience the last full moon of 2020, which will be on December 30 at 04:28 am in the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is to be expected that tempers are heated. Communication is disturbed, so there may be arguments and disagreements. Misunderstandings and assumption of wrong realities trigger the tensions. Harmony is established when compromises are worked out. This takes time and energy. Those who manage to leave their point of view and also include the comments of others in their decision-making will find themselves back in balance more quickly. We move between the demands of our own inner order and the needs of the family. Finding a consensus will not be easy, since it is to be expected that not everything will fall into place. Nevertheless, with calm reflection and inner reflection, middle paths can be found.