The trout promotes intuitive action and intensifies the inner impulses. In addition, it is a symbol of luck and clear insights.

Trout is a member of the salmon family. With its species, the fish is equally at home in the sea as in rivers or lakes. In addition, there are migratory and stationary species of trout. They feed on small fish, insects, frogs, small crustaceans and tadpoles. Their natural enemies include all fish larger than them. Especially the pike is happy when he successfully chased this fish.

Power Animal Trout

The power animal trout establishes contact with one’s own intuition. It turns the attention to the existing feelings and thus promotes inner cognitive processes. The perception sharpens and clarity occurs. The power animal supports all processes that lead to a growth of wisdom and maturity. One’s own behavior is reflected self-critically. This causes the understanding of behavioral processes and brings certainty.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal, the possibility is created to compensate for a misconduct once recognized. Reparation is possible. In this way, a harmonious state can arise from an imbalance. The behavior is possible mainly because the trout promotes an emotional detachment and the making of sober decisions.

Negative Consideration

This fish can give information about an emotional restraint. The animal, which usually swims on the bottom, indicates that one’s own behavior is perceived by others as undercooled or avoidant.

Dream Interpretation Trout

In dream interpretation trout are considered a symbol of luck. They are a sign of successful professional development. Good decisions are made at the right time and this leads to success.

Positive Aspects

If the fish swims into a dream, it promises the dreamer good intuitive action. The gut feeling guides him and lets him see connections clearly.

Negative Aspects

Eating a trout can predict bad news. The fish is also associated with the withholding of feelings. The dreamer has an evasive behavior or another person avoids him.