The turkey is a sign of fertility, good fortune and procreative ability. They bring success and indicate a time of festivity.

The turkey lives in North America, belongs to the order of chicken birds and the pheasant family. The domesticated form of the pheasant is the turkey. The diurnal animals live in groups with a clear hierarchy. To maintain the structures, fights between individual animals are often observed. The free-ranging bipeds are found in parks or grassy areas.

Turkeys, like pheasants, can fluff their feathers and build a circular fan. This is used for defense and mating behavior. The birds feed on insects such as earthworms, beetles or small creepy crawlies. They also like seeds, berries and nuts. Their natural enemies include the fox, skunk, raccoons, coyotes, eagles or lynx.

Power Animal Turkey

The power animal turkey illustrates fertility. New ideas or impulses are promising and will be implemented. There are reasons to celebrate and be merry. A good blessing is spoken and positive changes for a whole community are to be expected. The developments should be perceived consciously, because they are for the good of a whole community.

Positive Consideration

The turkey promises prosperity, wealth, offspring, a good supply and growth. The power of the earth shows its wonders and enables more than thought. In the energetic work should be considered the focus on growth and expansion at different levels.

Negative Consideration

The power animal turkey indicates control and clear hierarchies. The roles are distributed and there is little room for direct influence. There is envy, resentment, avarice and greed. The needs of individuals remain completely unconsidered.

Dream Interpretation Turkey

In dream interpretation, the turkey is a sign of development, growth and success. The ability to procreate increases and will soon show its fruits.

Positive Aspects

Professionally and privately, there is prosperity, upswing and reward for effort. Teamwork pays off and helps to achieve a common profit.

Negative Aspects

The turkey suggests difficulties within group activities. The dreamer will experience that a desire of his wishes and demands or the introduction of his ideas will be nipped in the bud and will not be heard.