The unicorn is a mythical creature. It brings purity, promotes confidence in oneself and is a sign of magical moments in life.

The unicorn was already mentioned in antiquity by Aristotle, among others. Visually, it is a mixture of a horse and a goat, with only one horn in the middle of the head on the forehead. It comes in the form of a wild, untamed and unsaddled animal. The mythical creature embodies the elegance and grace of a horse. The horn is coiled and thus reminds of the house of a snail.

Unicorns can be found on coats of arms, paintings and sculptures. They appear in fairy tales, fables, legends and stories. There they are considered noble and graceful. They are gender neutral and can use their horn as a dangerous weapon.

The name is due to a translation error from the Old Testament. In the 3rd century BC, the term “Re’em” was mistranslated into Greek. It turned out many centuries later that the Bible was talking about an aurochs. The pictorial figure probably originates from a profile representation of the ox and thus shows a coiled pointed horn.

Power Animal Unicorn

The power animal unicorn embodies purity, gentleness and innocence. It brings light and shows itself only to chosen people. If the elegant power animal appears, it is a sign of initiation into special knowledge or skills. It symbolizes confidence in one’s own abilities and brings warmth of heart. The quality of time brings unconditional trust in life and the developments of future events.

Positive Consideration

Gentle and loving being is a sign of access to hidden treasures. The mythical creature stands for wisdom, grace and grace. In the energetic work with the four-legged creature there is a perfection and a feeling of blissfulness. Actions take place from the purity of the heart and all expenses are worthwhile.

Negative Consideration

The power animal shows the areas in need of purification. A lack of humility towards life or other living beings leads to behavior full of selfishness and taking advantage. The unicorn admonishes to examine their own motives for action and lets know in which areas a rethink is necessary.

Dream Interpretation Unicorn

In dream interpretation, the unicorn is a sign of magical moments. The horn of the animal is considered a miracle weapon. It is used not only for defense but also for healing wounds. Negative or destructive energies are averted by the mythical creature.

Positive Aspects

If the unicorn appears in a dream, the dreamer can look forward to fulfilling and loving moments. In the coming time, good fortune awaits him and favorable opportunities arise.

Negative Aspects

The mythical creature can be a sign of wrongness. If a unicorn dies or turns away from the dreamer, his own behavior should be reviewed and changed.