The vole symbolizes a form of activity and willingness to learn. In addition, it is a sign of unconscious processes and fertility.

Voles are a subfamily of voles and are the largest species among mice. Rodents are industrious, hardworking, and very eager to mate. Unlike the field mouse, the mammals move in underground complex tunnel systems. Burrowing activity creates shallow piles of soil. As a result, their presence is often mistaken for that of moles. The diurnal and nocturnal animals feed on the roots of various vegetable plants, fruit trees and gnaw barks. Therefore, they are considered particularly undesirable, especially in cultivated areas.

In this article, the characteristics of the vole, lemmings or other species of the vole are described. The explanations for field mice or other mouse species with above-ground tunnel systems are HERE.

Power Animal Vole

The power animal vole illustrates that unexpected or unpredictable developments are to be expected. There are conflicts of which it is currently unclear from which direction they will come. It is necessary to wait and inwardly prepare for coming disagreements. Fears and uncertainties are emerging. Nevertheless, it is important to face them with aplomb and not to allow oneself to be distracted.

Voles are often misjudged and cannot be driven away too quickly. Therefore, it is important to examine one’s own emotions and true intentions. It is very possible that the motives have not been openly discussed so far.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal company is certain. Together they work on the realization of projects or do everyday tasks. Like-minded people give support and increase productivity. Therefore, a good flow of ideas is to be expected and the results can be seen. A very fruitful phase is on the horizon, in which many things are created in a short time. Curiosity and positive excitement spread.

Negative Consideration

There is currently a lack of calm and serenity. The hustle and bustle of the power animal can let create many things, but there is hardly a free minute or time of reflection. Hecticness, uncertainty and doubts arise. Many paths are taken in vain and most matters are not discussed clearly enough with each other. The power animal can also be a sign of an inner helplessness or the inability of self-confession.

Dream Interpretation Vole

If the vole appears is a dream, unconscious processes play a role. Existing needs want to be lived. If they should have been suppressed over a longer time, this can be continued no longer. Connections on an emotional and physical level should be recognized. As soon as this happens, a fruitful time begins.

Positive Aspects

Moments of happiness arise unexpectedly and unexpectedly. These come from a direction or from a person that was not expected before. If there is a desire for children or another form of offspring is desired, the vole is a good harbinger of fulfillment.

Negative Aspects

The rodents and burrowers bring a troubled time in which there is a lack of sensitivity and consideration. Community interests are implemented without checking whether this is also acceptable for neighboring people or those who think differently.