Despite the darkness, the mole builds extensive and well thought-out tunnel systems. The loner relies entirely on his orientation, loosens the earth and thereby improves the fertility of the soil.

Moles live exclusively in the northern hemisphere and spend most of their lives underground. The good swimmer is a loner and reacts extremely aggressively to conspecifics. The mammals crawl both forwards and backwards through the tunnels they have built themselves. The sense of touch of the mole is very well developed. As an insectivore, the tunnel builder lives mainly on grasshoppers, locust or earthworms. For the cold season, the mole builds up a food stock. Its natural predators include foxes, martens, herons or birds of prey such as the buzzard and the owl.

Power Animal Mole

The power animal mole promotes the feeling for numbers, measures, values, space and time. The access to all arithmetical subjects is facilitated. This enables the start or improvement of a business venture. Dealing with matter is easier with this power animal at our side.

Positive Consideration

Even without knowing all the facts, the energy of the power animal will eventually open the doors. Reflection on the inner competencies without a distraction will bring success. Grounding helps to find oneself.

Negative Consideration

The mole reacts aggressively to conspecifics. On the energetic level, this means that dealing with other people is perceived as unpleasant. As a loner and with poor social skills, coping with life becomes more difficult. Isolation and solitary behavior lead to a distance to fellow human beings.

Dream Interpretation Mole

In dream interpretation, the mole is an indication of a period of grief or regret. Missed opportunities threaten when the focus is too much on the matter level.

Positive Aspects

If the dreamer proves perseverance and trusts completely in himself, he will be rewarded with success. The paths that must be walked are unknown, not transparent and new.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer is threatened by adversaries who undermine his integrity. In the professional sphere, there is caution against colleagues who are misjudged.