The vulture is a bird of prey that is vigilant and is interpreted as a sign of transformation as well as protection. As soon as the bird appears, old karma is cleansed.

The vulture is called the hygienic bird of nature. As a scavenger, it is native to forests or mountains. Its nests are remote and difficult to access. This distinguishes it from birds of prey such as the falcon. The mostly silent birds can be found on tree borders. Vultures are classified under the hawk species. There are only a few subspecies of the genus. They capture their food in a spectacular swoop. The birds of prey have keen observation skills and good eyesight. Their sense of smell is also well developed. This enables them to spot their food even from a long distance. If you get too close to a vulture, you must expect to be attacked. The animal is aggressive and defends its territory against other animal species with full physical effort.

Power Animal Vulture

The power animal vulture brings purification and transformation on the energetic level. The scavenger makes it clear that it is time to leave old hurts behind. Behavioral patterns need to be reviewed and changed. In order for something new to emerge, it is necessary to put an end to what has long been in the past. Therefore, the power animal is often consciously summoned for the purification of old karma. In the company of the powerful animal, processes are looked at in order to finally be able to conclude or dissolve them. Disturbances are tracked down and eliminated with keen observation in energetic sessions.

Positive Consideration

The vulture brings vitality and thus a strengthening of vitality. Ballast is thrown off so that a feeling of freedom and individuality can arise. Vultures are considered border crossers and are therefore also seen as beings that can bring already corrupted into the light. There a transformation can take place and nothing stands in the way of a new birth.

Negative Consideration

The aggressiveness of the animal has a disturbing effect. Envy, jealousy, infidelity and wrong decisions bring disturbances in everyday life. Emotional coldness is also said to the vulture. There is a lack of enjoyment or a loving atmosphere. In addition, the need for closure with old issues is often not seen or consciously avoided. This prevents forward progress and free development.

Dream Interpretation Vulture

Outdated structures and behavior patterns are discarded when the vulture appears in a dream. Feelings that have long been out of date are examined and thus trigger a process of change. Entanglements of one’s own self become clear and must be worked on.

Positive Aspects

The bird of prey brings the possibility of transformation. He warns against deception and exploitation. His keen powers of observation bring the dreamer the hint that he should keep a good eye on his environment to be able to react immediately.

If a vulture eats carrion, old will be able to go.
If a vulture flies towards the sky, old patterns will also be left behind.

Negative Aspects

The vulture may be an indication that relationships long past are being glossed over. The time has come to look at the experiences with awake eyes and to re-evaluate them. The inability to enter into an exchange with others can also be symbolized by the animal.