Zodiac Sign Cancer

The zodiac sign Cancer rules from June 22 to July 22 of a year.

Cancerians are very emotional and tend to be moody. Even if their feelings are closed, they perceive their environment very carefully. The sign of the zodiac symbolizes a creative force. Strong psychic energies gather and bring forth new things. People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer take many circumstances too personally and must learn to keep their distance internally.


  • Element: Water
  • Color: Sea green or milky white
  • Numerology: Number 4
  • Planet Assignment: Moon
  • Quality: cardinal
  • Feminine sign
  • Weekday: Monday

Astrological Symbol

Positive Aspects

The sign of the zodiac stands for a pronounced sense of family. The care and motherliness are superficial. Compassionate, helpful, imaginative and sensitive, Cancer presents itself. He has premonitions and a mediumistic gift. Close to nature and tireless, he takes care of everything around him. As a good money multiplier and fond of traveling he stands out positively. The emotional life is very intense. Cancer is creative, ambitious and has an elephantine memory.

Negative Aspects

Cancer is very impressionable. He is moody, sluggish, anxious, overprotective, jealous and possessive. Sometimes he is melancholic and tends to depressive phases. Unselfish and sulky, he can also become exhausting at times. He is considered stubborn and as a dreamwalker he is sometimes far from reality. Cancer is easily seduced on various levels. So it happens that he sometimes leaves his path and this does not always end to his advantage.


Addressed body regions: Stomach, glands, breasts

  • Stomach problems

Legal Notice About The Diseases

For legal reasons, it is expressly stated at this point that the information given does not include medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or treatment.

Following the astrological traditions, the mentioned areas belong to the health weak points of the concerned zodiac signs, which can occur, but by no means have to be present.

In case of existing complaints, a doctor or therapist should always be consulted.

The listed overview of the possible diseases has no claim to completeness.

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