Arctic Fox

The arctic fox, snow fox or ice fox is a master of camouflage in its natural environment. It protects its small family and defends its territory from intruders.

The Arctic fox lives in the northern polar region and is a nocturnal predator. It belongs to the dog family and is a true fox. It is therefore related to the fennec or red fox. The monogamous animal builds dens to provide sufficient protection for its small family.

The four-legged friend changes color throughout the year. White in winter, it is grey-brown in the summer months to make it more difficult for predators to recognize. Although it is hunted by them, the Arctic fox likes to follow the tracks of polar bears, as it often feeds on their leftovers. Its other natural enemies include wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines and snowy owls.

Power Animal Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox power animal brings adaptability to the environment and concentration on the immediate surroundings. The protection of one’s own family or all those who belong to it is important to this power animal. The quietest sounds or disturbing noises are perceived and evaluated both physically and energetically. If they do not fit into the system, they are eliminated. Carefulness and vigilance are increased in order to maintain one’s own balance.

Positive Consideration

The defense instinct is sharpened. As soon as enviers or enemies enter their own territory, they are confronted or driven away. Intruders of all kinds or discord are recognized and exposed. The interests of loved ones take priority and are listened to. The time has come to strengthen one’s own well-being.

Negative Consideration

The opinions of outsiders are often too quickly devalued or negated. One’s own truth and the needs of the family are the only points that count. There is a lack of tolerance, flexibility or the common good. The ecosystem is used for personal gain and not understood as part of a whole.

Dream Interpretation Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is to be understood as a sign of warning. It reminds us that not everyone is considerate and that there is hardly any empathy. The dreamer is either too strict with the points of view of others or needs to protect his own interests better.

Positive Aspects

The Arctic fox sharpens your own senses for the essential signals. The dreamer has all the means at his disposal to assert himself in the near future and to lead his concerns to success.

Negative Aspects

The interests of others are overrun by your own. The dreamer either acts ruthlessly or is put out of place by others. There is no room for compromise.