On the energetic level, the Fennek or Desert Fox brings family togetherness and sociability.

The fennec or desert fox lives in the north of the continent of Africa and is found almost throughout the Sahara. The predator belongs to the dog family and is the smallest fox in the world. Its large ears, which cover almost 20% of its body size, are striking. They serve as heat dissipaters for the omnivore and therefore help regulate the body’s heat.

The small quadruped has hair pads on its paws to prevent it from sinking into the desert sand. Fenneks are known for their very sociable and playful nature. The animals live together in family groups and go in search of food after dark. Their diet includes rodents, insects, the eggs of birds and small reptiles. in addition, they also like fruits and tubers.

Power Animal Fennek

The power animal Fennek promotes group activities or family get-togethers. Like-minded people spend time together and enjoy feeling understood. With this power animal, the communal good becomes significant, which is to stimulate the self-healing powers.

Positive Consideration

If the power animal appears, there will be a shoulder to lean on. Mutual understanding increases and the joint activities do good. The desire of togetherness will be fulfilled, so that the hours of being alone will be a thing of the past.

Negative Consideration

The power animal lets us know that individual development and personal needs are now given less consideration. They are subordinated to those of the family or an existing community. There is hardly any time for retreat.

Dream Interpretation Fennek

In the dream interpretation of the Fennek a popular symbol. He promotes joint projects, professional teamwork or the realization of an idea with the support of like-minded people. In addition, unusual approaches can now experience a breakthrough and be crowned with success.

Positive Aspects

The desert fox brings faithful and loyal companions in the life of the dreamer. Existing ideas are so good that supporters can be found quickly. As a result, projects move forward or are improved by new input.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer must come to terms with the fact that he is part of a whole and is no longer seen with his personally contributed impulses. No matter how great the personal contribution is in the implementation of a task, the dreamer will not receive recognition as an individual.