On the energetic level, the antelope brings the graceful appearance and the graceful demeanor. The hoofed animal also represents the lack of courage and the lack of assertiveness.

Antelopes belong to the family of hornbearers. Gazelles, wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu and impalas are even-toed ungulates, which are a subspecies of antelope. The difference between the species can be seen in the size and the jumping movement. The typical bouncing jumps of the animals serve as defense against enemies and are used in dangerous situations.

The quadrupeds are herbivores and live in Africa or Asia. Their preferred regions include steppes and savannahs. They feed on grasses, leaves or plant parts. The mammals live in herds to better protect themselves against predators. Their worst adversaries are lions, hyenas and the cheetah. The diurnal animals resemble the deer in many ways.

Power Animal Antelope

The power animal antelope brings beauty and grace. Grace and aesthetics are transported through the animal to the energetic level. The outer appearance as well as the general way of life will experience more grace as soon as the power animal is perceived. The sensitivity is increased. This leads to disturbances and necessary changes in dealing with other people.

Positive Consideration

The current pace of life picks up speed as decisiveness is stimulated. Fast and purposeful is the future course of action. With this power animal experiences of success are possible, if the favor of the hour is used. Opportunities are to be recognized and perceived.

Negative Consideration

The antelope is a power animal that sometimes lacks courage. If an impulse is not followed up immediately, the opportunity is lost. A hesitant approach brings disadvantages. In addition, care should be taken not to lose touch with reality.

Dream Interpretation Antelope

In dream interpretation, the antelope is a sign of mistrust and lack of confidence. If the dreamer does not immediately use an opportunity that presents itself, feelings of fear and insecure behavior will develop.

Positive Aspects

Unexpectedly and with short notice, new opportunities arise in a current life situation. The dreamer should be alert in the events of the day, as the antelope from the dream promises him an advantageous position.

Negative Aspects

The antelope in the dream warns against giving in too soon in everyday life. As soon as the courage of determination is not sufficiently raised, a wasted opportunity occurs. The dreamer will be angry about it in the further course. Therefore, now is the time to act.