The coati brings strength, courage and promotes socializing. With him intuitive decisions will increase.

The coati is a predator, belongs to the family of small bears and is a marten relative. The quadruped lives mainly in groups, with the aggressive males being excluded from the community and then becoming solitary animals. The animals spend most of the day sniffing out food on the ground with their long proboscis nose. The skilled climbers thus spend much time on the ground and move up trees to sleep or mate. Their long tail helps them balance on branches and move between trees. Native to the Americas, they are diurnal and nocturnal.

Their diet includes fruits, plants, carrion, and small vertebrates such as chickens. The natural enemies of the coati are birds of prey, giant snakes and larger predators such as jaguars, and puma. The friendly bears communicate with peep or runt sounds and defend their territory.

Power Animal Coati

The power animal coati brings the inner forces up to speed and enjoys the stability of the community. With the right nose, success is certain. Skillfully and with ability the goals are reached. Especially the female energies can score at the moment. If the power animal appears in a time of loneliness, the coati lets us know that we can overcome challenges without outside help.

Positive Consideration

Those who rely on their intuition can soon expect progress. With the right intuition, things move forward and that helps everyone involved. Backing is assured for all decisions as soon as they are made in the common interest.

Negative Consideration

A selfish approach leads to distortions with people who have become dear to them. There is a threat of exclusion or breaking off contact if one’s own interests become more important than the common good.

Dream Interpretation Coati

In dream interpretation, the coati is a sign of cunning and skillful action. In every situation in life, one’s own skill helps to achieve success. Together with like-minded people no goal seems unattainable, even if the current course of action resembles a tightrope act.

Positive Aspects

If the predator appears in the dream, the dreamer can stand up to adversaries or enviers. He is not alone and will get support.

Negative Aspects

If the dreamer has behaved recklessly or selfishly, he must now bear the consequences. He should calmly think about everything and examine possible misconduct.