The snake is used as a symbol of healing. It embodies the vitality and life energy. At the same time it warns against cunning, deceit and a wrong assessment of the situation.

The snake lives on land and in water bodies. Depending on the type of creeper, the snake gallantly moves through the forests, swamps or lakes. Except for the North and South Poles, the representatives of the genus are located around the world. Snakes can be poisonous and therefore deadly. If you do not kill your prey with poison, you strangle it. Both forms of death are extremely unpleasant and sometimes agonizing for the opponent. Their natural enemies include ungulates, the marten, birds or scorpions.

Because of their life form, snakes are considered the symbol of the cycle of life and death. Their moulting is fascinating and indicates transformation.

Power Animal Snake

The power animal snake symbolizes power and control. Waiting for the right moment decides essentially on success or failure. Acting too quickly can mean loss.

The snake also stands for healing and wisdom. The time of transformation as well as change has come. The animal is interpreted as a signal of infinity. Situations repeat themselves until the lesson of the necessary steps of change has been learned.

Positive Consideration

Vibrations, light movements and overall mobility improve. New energy flows and mobility increases. Healing lies within the self and is to be stimulated by rhythmic changes in position. In important situations, the snake teaches to use the available poison. Enemies or adversaries are to be put in their place.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the snake expresses cunning, addictions and dependencies. One’s own behavior feels inauthentic and as if remote-controlled. Jealousy, envy and jealousy play an important role in real life. Changes often cannot be carried out in the desired form. This triggers paralysis and unconscious negative energies. There is a lack of an overall view of the situation. Those who give up will have to subordinate themselves to others.

Dream Interpretation Snake

The snake in a dream indicates messages and signals of the unconscious. Sexual desires want to be perceived and acted out. An instinctive behavior will be observed in the coming days. The decisions made may be difficult to explain objectively, but they are right.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer is approaching a phase of transformation. Old behavior patterns are discarded and a new greatness is achieved. Literally meandering through challenging situations can bring the necessary success.

Spiritual energy will increase in the coming time. Realizations and the airing of hidden things are imminent.

Negative Aspects

Secrets and betrayal may threaten if the current developments are not considered with enough distance. Snakes moving hidden in the dream indicate approaching deceit or disloyalty of other people. The dreamer seems to be too naive and should re-examine current affairs.