The jaguar is a symbol of the discovery of the signals of the Otherworld. He emerges to pave the way to the energetic wisdom. The mysterious animal invites you to follow him.

The quadruped comes from the cat family and is assigned to the genus of big cats. Next to the tiger and the lion, it is the third largest cat in the world. It is found on the American continent. He is a master of camouflage. Therefore, he is rarely sighted in the wild. In areas rich in water, the loner lives in thickets. The predator is difficult to catch and has no natural enemies except humans. The quadruped, which lives mainly in the rainforest, feeds on all kinds of animals it can find. Especially larger mammals belong to its prey. Deer, hares, monkeys, fish, turtles and reptiles are hunted by the jaguar.

Differences Jaguar, Leopard, Cheetah, Panther

The jaguar has the wider spots in its fur. His forehead shape is also broader than the leopard. Although he can, he is reluctant to climb trees. His weight is heavier and his tail is shorter. This makes climbing more difficult. Moreover, since it has no natural enemies, there is no reason for it to seek safety in a tree. The cheetah, unlike the jaguar or leopard, cannot retract its claws. It also has dark lines on its face from the eye to the mouth.

The leopard‘s fur patches look like rings that are light on the inside. In the jaguar, the light patches often have additional spots. The cheetah has continuous spots or patches. The spots in the fur are not ringed patterns.

Panthers are jaguars or leopards. Due to a genetic defect, the fur appears black at first. If the incidence of light changes, the typical spots in the fur can still be recognized.

Power Animal Jaguar

The power animal jaguar shows the seemingly limitless possibilities. He watches, waits for a favorable opportunity and always seems to get what he wants. Nobody gets in his way. He has something magical and leads us into the other world. Until today, his way of life is hardly explored, because he is very difficult to catch. The wisdom of one’s own heart and the self-confidence in one’s own competences are activated by this power animal. He is a border crosser who masters his survival without help. The contact to the soul is established through him.

Positive Consideration

The jaguar does not allow itself to be deceived or misled by anyone. He rarely shows himself and knows exactly in which moments he can leave his hiding place. The power animal jaguar teaches the difference between emotions and feelings. Those who entrust themselves to it energetically will get to know themselves better. The unconscious forces have an effect, which can be better assessed through him.

Negative Consideration

The big cat is known for deception and deceitfulness. Those who think they are safe will be in for a surprise. The most dangerous predatory cat of our planet is a symbol of manipulation and abuse of power. The magical powers are not always used for good. Therefore, greater attention should be paid to energy work. Sometimes the emotional and mental sides are so conflicted that there is no peace or harmony.

Dream Interpretation Jaguar

In dream interpretation, the jaguar is a symbol of confrontation with the forces of the Otherworld. The animal leads the dreamer on spiritual paths that bring answers to open questions. Quickly and with understanding the right decisions are made in the coming time. The predatory cat asserts itself and wants to give the dreamer courage to his own courage.

Positive Aspects

If situations have arisen in the past in which the dreamer has been taken advantage of, now is the time to redress the balance. If someone has gained an advantage at the expense of the dreamer through skill or cunning, taking advantage of his ignorance, the jaguar lets you know that the tide will now turn in a flash.

Negative Aspects

When making upcoming decisions, check that they are not at the expense of others.  If the dreamer was chased by a jaguar, he will have to face someone in everyday life who feels disadvantaged. One’s own behavior must be examined objectively and should be done with consideration for others. Otherwise, the predatory cat indicates that an ambush is imminent.