The crane brings renewal, change and presents not only a new beginning but also the termination of previous developments.

The crane strides through mire and the swamplands in our region. It is mainly found in the north and east of Europe. It can also be found in some parts of Asia. There it is considered a sign of good luck. The vigilant animal moves cautiously and wisely.  Sublime and slow, it approaches its prey. The pacer has a wingspan of 2.2 – 2.45 meters. It also grows to a height of 1.1 – 1.3 meters. With its long legs, it gallantly moves forward on the ground. The migratory bird looks for warmer regions in the Basque country or in France for wintering, as it cannot find food in frosty areas.

The crane’s natural enemies include wild boars, badgers and foxes. Thus, dangers and ambushes lurk everywhere for the marsh bird after sunset.

Power Animal Crane

The power animal crane symbolizes vigilance and a wise approach. As a migratory bird, it is only near us every six months. Therefore, he is considered a sign of new beginnings and endings. Changes come into life as soon as the power animal appears. The renewal can be sudden and unexpected. However, those who listen deep within themselves notice shortly before the crane arrives that a new beginning is coming. It is usually described as pleasant and happy.

In addition, the walking bird stands for perseverance, thoughtful action and asks for perseverance, so that the desires of life are realized.

Positive Consideration

The migratory bird spends several hours a day vigilantly searching for food. Standing on one leg and seemingly resting in itself, it can often be observed. Those who bring themselves into a state of meditation and concentration can expect positive developments in the near future. Life can be better contested when the necessary inner peace and balance are present.

Negative Consideration

The bird is a loner. Only during breeding season or spatial changes several birds can be seen together. This solitude is often perceived by humans as negative and difficult. Feelings of loneliness arise. In addition, rejection, arrogance, superficiality, pain and sadness can be presented by the crane. The latter is often the case when an era is coming to an end.

Dream Interpretation Crane

If the crane appears in a dream, it brings interesting messages. These often come from people who are on a journey themselves.

A rising crane indicates an end.
A descending or landing crane brings a new beginning.
If the crane strides around, vigilance should prevail.

Positive Aspects

The crane is considered a symbol of good luck. Business or private decisions will be made and promising.

Negative Aspects

The crane teaches to act cautiously and carefully examine who could be friend or foe. He warns against infidelity.