The cricket has long antennae, strong jumping legs and has a distinctive sound production. The insects jump into life and bring news as well as change.

Crickets belong to the order of locust. Unlike grasshoppers, they have long antennae that act like antennae. The antennae are cord-like. In addition, when at rest, the wings are on top of each other rather than next to each other like a roof.

Crickets like the warmth and the males can make special sounds. These serve to delineate territory and attract potential mates. Crickets, like all grasshopper species, feed on grass and have numerous predators. Birds, foxes and cats are just a few of them.

Power Animal Cricket

The power animal cricket is described as a musician of summer in the meadows around. Joy of life and ease in the search for a partner are symbolized by the insect. New contacts are pending and are to satisfy the needs for curiosity, new beginnings and change.

Positive Consideration

The antennae of the animal are an expression of the promotion of the gut feeling and intuition. On the energetic level, the cricket wants to remind how much reliance is on their own perception. In addition, the bounce of the animal ensures that the assertiveness is stronger than previously believed.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is fickle and often changes its path. Although it lives in a territory, especially the females strive to have as many sexual partners as possible to ensure genetic diversity. Infidelity and superficial encounters are also associated with the power animal.

Dream Interpretation Cricket

In dream interpretation, the cricket is a symbol of quick and uncomplicated success. Instinctively, the right steps are taken to effortlessly achieve a desired goal. The coming days and weeks can be experienced with ease and balance.

Positive Aspects

Getting to know new potential partners now goes smoothly and without major problems. At this stage of life, potential life partners seem to be teeming. New opportunities and possibilities open up on several levels.

Negative Aspects

The opening of new variants and opportunities always brings with it the question of the right decision. Those who wait too long or are too superficial will not make sufficient use of the favor of the hour.