The dove is the bearer of news. Hope and peace are associated with her. Therefore, it is also the symbol of love.

Pigeons are present on almost all continents in different species. The herbivores are found in the wild and are bred at the same time. Various competitions are held annually in which pigeon breeders compete to own the fastest pigeon.

Pigeons come in different colors. The migratory birds can swim and reach speeds of up to 120 km/h. The white dove is seen as a symbol of peace, love and harmony. Besides the dove of peace, it is also represented as a heraldic animal on flags. In ancient times, a constellation of the southern sky was named after the bird. Its predators include the hawk, the falcon or the eagle owl.

Power Animal Dove

The power animal dove represents peace. It hurries back and forth between several parties to achieve a harmonious solution between all parties. The animal embodies neutrality and conciliation on the energetic level. In addition, redemption, forgiveness and healing are associated with her.

Positive Consideration

The pigeon works off the tasks imposed on it with a sense of duty and quickly. It does not interfere, does not control anyone and concentrates entirely on achieving its goal. News will come that will bring improvement to the current situation.

Negative Consideration

Pigeons are considered a nuisance, especially in cities. They impose themselves, know no distance and are associated with impurity of soul energies. In addition, they provide a guilty conscience, because with their appearance comes the expectation of an attitude or feedback.

Dream Interpretation Dove

In dream interpretation, the dove is a symbol of love. If it coos, important news will arrive. As a result, moving forward is guaranteed. Success and happiness are expected with the dove.

Positive Aspects

An existing conflict will come to an end. A peaceful solution is in sight. If the dreamer is in a time of decision, he will receive feedback shortly.

Negative Aspects

A flock of pigeons calls for modesty and consideration. The dream wants the dreamer to know that his behavior causes unrest and discontent.