A dragon is a flying, fire-breathing mythical creature. It is perceived as lizard or snake-like and comes from fairy tales, fables, sagas and legends of different cultures.

Dragons are fire-breathing creatures that can fly and visually resemble lizards or snakes. Their body is usually depicted with scales. In the stories or in pictures dragons can have one or more heads. These usually correspond to that of a tiger, wolf or panther. The feet are sharp and comparable to those of a predatory cat.

In classical mythology, mythical creatures combine the four elements. Their way of life is described with retreat and an existence as a loner. A dragon lays eggs, is skillful and has enormous physical strength. It is difficult to defeat. The stories around the dragons are very old and are perpetuated until the present in many cultures.

Since there are no fossils or other scientifically proven evidence of the existence of dragons, it must be assumed that these creatures never existed in the form of a living body. Although they are depicted in paintings or pictures thousands of years old, they remain part of tales and stories.

Power Animal Dragon

The power animal dragon stands for courage, strength, invincibility and luck. He is the guardian of precious gifts and is both revered and feared at the same time. Dragons are messengers of justice and bring harmony. They protect from enemies and are always ready for any kind of fight against possible opponents. They become indignant when attacked or disagreeably disturbed. They are shy, but do not attack anyone for no reason on their own.

Positive Consideration

The union of the four elements earth, air, fire and water indicates the connection to the elemental force through the power animal. Dragons bring in the energetic work a fulfilling as well as enormously strengthening energy flow. In the Asian region dragons are considered a symbol of luck. They stand for transformation, wisdom, inspiration and recognition. Fears and challenges are mastered with the power animal.

Negative Consideration

The power animal dragon indicates existing unconscious conflicts. The mythical creature is a loner and completely on its own. Trusting or sociable qualities are almost alien to him. The communal experience recedes into the background, since no exchange takes place. The environment has no knowledge of its own emotions and accordingly cannot build up sufficient empathy.

Dream Interpretation Dragon

In dream interpretation, the dragon is a symbol of luck. He brings change and the success. With power and strength, the coming challenges are overcome. The dreamer is prepared for all eventualities.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer will experience a time of constructiveness. His imagination is stimulated and new ideas germinate. Full of zest for action, they will now start to implement their impulses. This increases self-confidence and brings drive.

Negative Aspects

An inner conflict determines the everyday life of the dreamer. There are opposites in it. Courage and fear, strength and weakness as well as new beginning and destruction are descriptions for the current situation. The inner struggle brings a necessary change and becomes a powerful source of strength.