The dormouse is considered a daydreamer. The nocturnal long sleeper is an integral part of folk sayings, folk beliefs and divinations.

The dormouse is a rodent and belongs to the squirrel relatives. Visually, it resembles the squirrel. The rodent is nocturnal and hibernates for about seven months. The animal is native to Europe. It finds its home in tree hollows or birdhouses. Its preferred region is mixed forests or large extensive gardens.

Dormice eat high-fat foods such as nuts and chestnuts just before they hibernate. In the summer months, they like birds‘ eggs, insects or small birds, in addition to fruits. Their natural enemies include martens, cats and owls. For hibernation they dig a hole 30-100 cm deep to protect themselves sufficiently from frost.

Power animal dormouse

The power animal dormouse exhorts to less busyness. More rest and fewer obligations are needed. A busy time is over. Now it is important to allow your own body more time out and retreat. The own life rhythm should be adapted more to the physical needs. The power animal asks to hang more after the own thoughts and to give a refusal to firm plans. Resting and doing nothing are necessary to leave the stresses of the past behind.

Positive Consideration

Not everything has to make sense or have a productive character. Life invites to turn to a phase of vision, peace of mind and inner relaxation. This triggers processes of regeneration that lead to the reduction of existing stress.

Negative Consideration

The power animal dormouse brings sluggishness and laziness. Sometimes this is based on an unhealthy lifestyle. Existing agreements are not kept and the drive to complete even the smallest tasks is missing. Sleep and withdrawal are more important than facing new challenges. This can lead to complications with fellow human beings.

Dream Interpretation Dormouse

In dream interpretation, on the one hand, the dormouse brings calm and serenity. At the same time, the dreamer should check his activities and make optimizations. The sleep-wake rhythm may not be ideal. Retreat and less pressure for errands seem to be necessary.

Positive Aspects

The dormouse wants to tell the dreamer that he should deal more intensively with his daydreams. Through them it can give impulses and hints that are helpful in coping with upcoming tasks.

Negative Aspects

The dormouse indicates that the current deadline pressure needs to be checked. Excessive demands, fatigue and unproductivity mean that existing goals are not currently being achieved.