The eel is a downstream migrating fish. It represents the contact with the emotional world and reminds to direct the attention to the really important areas.

Eels are found in waters of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. They migrate downstream and live in fresh waters. They go to the sea to spawn. The animals grow from half a meter to a whole meter long. Their visual appearance is long and slender. Thus they remind of snakes. The strong musculature in the head is good for burrowing. Its gray color gives it good protection from attackers and serves as camouflage. The eel is a nocturnal predator and omnivore. The animal is very selective in food intake and prefers fish, crustaceans and snails.

Eels are very popular with humans as food fish. They are often farmed for consumption and later presented smoked.

Power animal Eel

The power animal eel establishes the connection to the emotional side. The own intuition is sharpened by him. The emotional world is to be looked at more closely and questioned. The events in which emotional impulses arise or have arisen require increased attention. A present withdrawal behavior is to be examined, because it points to an existing disharmony, which needs a reflection.

Positive consideration

As soon as introspection is done well, fast and good action is possible. Making decisions succeeds with a strengthened self-confidence and a better power of persuasion. Purposeful action indicates an existing flexibility that supports good success.

Negative consideration

The eel often squirms and avoids situations of a particular importance. This aggravates ill-feelings and causes further turbulence on the emotional level. One’s own behavior is difficult to assess for people in the immediate vicinity and therefore fuels envy and resentment.

Dream interpretation eel

In dream interpretation, the eel gives clues about the emotional state. Attention is drawn by the dream directly to the areas that should be considered more closely in real life.

Positive aspects

The eel promotes the intuitive processes. As if by itself, the dreamer is led into circumstances with which he should deal more closely. Through this, inner growth is possible.

Negative aspects

In a threatening situation, the animal hides and camouflages itself. The dreamer has a natural protection on which he can rely. Often the dreamer does not trust this ability and thus evades reality.