The snail moves slowly on a carpet of lashes or slime. It radiates calmness and freedom from stress, as it is always moving slowly and continuously.

Snails are mollusks. Their organism is completely devoid of bone or cartilage. Their house is made of lime and is spiral-shaped. It serves for protection and as a place of retreat. In the course of evolution, many snail species have shed their shell or shell. Some have discarded it altogether. Snails are herbivores and scavengers. Because of their slow locomotion, they serve as food for many other animal species. Their predators include birds, salamanders, ducks, lizards, fish, crabs or frogs.

Power Animal Snail

The power animal snail brings the slow developments. Nothing will happen quickly or suddenly. Concentration is sharpened and is directed towards the achievement of goals. The power animal helps to leave the old behind and turn to the new. Despite all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the human psyche still processes at a leisurely pace. Everything needs its time and everything has its time. Steady processes are promising. The realization of the past will proceed continuously.

Positive Consideration

The snail can withstand any stressful situation. Everything around it can be characterized by excitement, restlessness or rashness, yet the snail remains completely with itself and its own pace. It does not allow itself to be irritated by the hectic pace of others and directs its attention entirely to its own possibilities of movement.

Negative Consideration

The popularly known sucking up finds its origin in the nature of the snail. Therefore, the power animal stands on the energetic level for the necessary emotional distrust. Particularly friendly contemporaries should be questioned with regard to their motivation for action and examined more closely.

Intended projects will be delayed or promises cannot be kept as soon as the snail appears. Time is needed for the upcoming developments.

Dream Interpretation Snail

The snail is described in dream interpretation as a sign of withdrawal or encapsulation. This can be beneficial for the purpose of regeneration or processing. In everyday life, however, this can also bring disturbances. Patience is required and the forces are to be directed to the present steps, so that nothing is overlooked.

Positive Aspects

The snail reaches its destination safely and at its own individual pace. It knows neither impatience nor haste. The general pace of life is adapted to the inner processes. This creates space for relaxation and recreation.

Negative Aspects

The snail triggers the emotion of disgust in many people. The animal’s slime and the slime trail left behind when it moves are considered unpleasant. If the animal appears in a dream, it should be checked who is sucking up to another to gain an advantage. In addition, everything will be slow, because quick decisions are not expected.