The Gecko promotes curiosity, awakens the artist of life in a person and shows new ways. The flexibility increases and a change of perspective brings new insights.

Geckos belong to the pangolins and can be found all over the world, with most of them in the tropics. The lizards have lived on the planet for over 50 million years, making them one of the oldest species on earth. Once hatched from their eggs, the young are considered capable of surviving without their parents. The reptiles have tiny hairs on their feet, so they can easily walk vertically up and down walls, glass panes or trees, and upside down on ceilings.

The quadrupeds live in loose associations or as solitary animals. Their diet includes mainly insects or snacking on fruits. Larger species also eat scorpions or small rodents. Their natural enemies include snakes or birds of prey.

Power Animal Gecko

The power animal Gecko calls for a change of perspective. Things can be re-evaluated when other arguments or views are taken into account. Everything becomes easier and doggedness or the feeling of hopelessness disappear. Sometimes unconventional action is the solution and opens new possibilities.

Positive Consideration

Understanding oneself as a life artist can be helpful in coping with current challenges. With creative approaches, support and orientation can be found. Knowledge and wisdom arise from one’s own instincts as well as existing abilities.

Negative Consideration

The perception of lack of support caps confidence and optimism. It seems that a mountain of insurmountable tasks leads to exhaustion. Those who resist new ways of thinking will not be able to see the solution.

Dream Interpretation Gecko

If a gecko appears in a dream, it calls for looseness. The own competences should be examined more closely, because there is more slumbering than thought. A little rethinking and let something new arise from the available means will help.

Positive Aspects

Trial and error will bring new knowledge. Inner stability and self-confidence arise as soon as successes occur. No one can better judge what one’s own expertise is capable of achieving.

Negative Aspects

Uptight thinking or outdated views will make it difficult to move forward. The help and support of others will not be enough, because independence can only develop when confidence in one’s own abilities grows.