The iguana brings the simplicity and resistance. It is also a symbol of demarcation, as it knows well how to keep away from others.

Iguanas belong to the group of pangolins and can be found in nature on the American continent, the Fiji Islands or the Caribbean and Galápagos Islands. The loners are aggressive towards male conspecifics and everything foreign. They defend their territory on the ground and on trees.

The quadrupeds belong to the reptiles and can adapt their skin color to the environment similar to chameleons. The brave lizards can survive a fall of up to 15 m directly into the water without injury. Iguanas are omnivores and also feed on plants or insects. Their natural enemies include hawks, eagles or snakes.

Power Animal Iguana

The power animal Iguana brings adaptability to the current life situation with a simultaneous dissociation from other people or attitudes. The solution path is easier than assumed, because it is much simpler than previous thoughts and assumptions suggested. With greater inner peace, new insights can be gained.

Positive Consideration

It is not always easy to keep up with the changing times. The power animal helps to develop an inner resilience. This leads to satisfaction and increases the well-being. At the same time, a demarcation succeeds against people who disregard the personal pace of development.

Negative Consideration

The defensive attitude towards like-minded people can lead to disturbances in togetherness. The power animal invites you to reconsider your own social skills and build compatibility. Changes are necessary that go beyond a first outward impression.

Dream Interpretation Iguana

The reptile brings the dreamer access to the inner wisdom and asks to deal with the people from the close environment in a more special way. Changes and further developments are pending, which are superficially quickly done, but are not so easy to implement in depth.

Positive Aspects

Despite stress and a hectic pace, the dreamer manages to keep a good distance and maintain a certain degree of laissez-faire. It is easy to keep a safe distance emotionally and to keep a cool head.

Negative Aspects

Too much testosterone can be obstructive and disturbing. The own appearance should be reconsidered or the dreamer will soon meet with an aggressive-minded person. At least conflicts and trouble are in the offing, because two opinions with controversial views meet.