The opossum brings to life the survivalist on the energetic level. He shows a good strategy for coping with the current tasks.

The opossum belongs to the marsupials. The nocturnal loners come from North America and are also native to Europe. They live in wooded and bushy areas. Therefore, they can also be found in parks, plantations or cities. During the day they spend their time in hollowed out trees, in rock crevices or in nests.

These omnivores feed on insects, plants, carrion or frogs. Their natural enemies include foxes, buzzards or cats.

In Australia, several species live under the name Possum. Although both animal species are distinguished from the biological point of view, they have the same interpretation on the energetic level,

Power Animal Opossum

The power animal opossum brings the ability to master life in a special way. The marsupial pretends to be dead in order to distract enemies from itself. The nocturnal animal hardly attracts attention in the daily hustle and bustle. With a good strategy the present life tasks are mastered. The power animal shows that a way off the normal thinking and acting is found.

Positive Consideration

No matter how insoluble a challenge may seem, with the power animal at your side, a reflection on your own strengths takes place. It brings retreat and activates the forces of resistance. Instincts are sharpened and changes are on the horizon. The power animal helps when unpleasant or strenuous fellow men are to be kept at a distance.

Negative Consideration

The loner reacts unusually aggressive towards conspecifics. This leads to misunderstandings and conflicts when dealing with other people. In addition, the power animal warns against overlooking important matters.

Dream Interpretation Opossum

In dream interpretation, the opossum shows a skillful and clever approach. In the professional, financial or private sphere, strategies are worked out that are promising.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer acts intuitively and thus will have an advantage. He can protect himself well from energy thieves and finds a way to retreat. He manages to avoid conflicts.

Negative Aspects

The opossum warns the dreamer against gullibility. The achievement of goals is only gradual and without the support of others. Changes and adjustments are also necessary.