The pelican is a sign of humility and compassion. Self-sacrifice and the ability to empathize with others and their experiences are associated with it.

Pelicans belong to the class of birds. They live in colonies all over the world, are diurnal and prefer to be near water. A special feature is their beak, on the underside of which there is a throat pouch. It helps to keep caught food from being lost again. Worldwide, pelicans are the heaviest birds capable of flight. In the winter months, they fly to warm regions.

Pelicans feed on fish, crabs and turtles. They may also eat small birds. Their natural enemies include cats and coyotes.

Power Animal Pelican

The power animal pelican brings the collective consciousness. As a colony animal, the moods of others are especially important in daily events. The power animal therefore promotes compassion and increases empathy. One’s own life is more harmonious as soon as the emotions of others are perceived and taken into account.

Positive Consideration

Although the pelican is an aquatic animal, it is also at home in the air. He therefore connects the elements of air and water with each other on the energetic level. Communication, exchange and intuition as well as fine spirit are represented by him. This means giving comfort and hope in times of challenge, but also providing support and loyalty in periods of upswing.

Negative Consideration

The power animal pelican can also be a sign of awkwardness. The inability to make decisions alone or to hide behind others belong to him as well. Own interests are always behind the communal ones. Sometimes the power animal is an indication that with too much affection another person is overwhelmed. Love, which is suffocating and offers little individual freedom, is embodied by the pelican.

Dream Interpretation Pelican

In dream interpretation, the pelican is a sign of humility, sacrifice and empathy. The caring love for each other is illustrated by the bird. The protection of the community promotes togetherness brings a sense of belonging.

Positive Aspects

Success is achieved together. The consideration of all and the consideration of the inner processes of individuals lead to a good result. If the pelican appears in the dream, the goal is achieved together.

Negative Aspects

Failures are also experienced together. If the forces are not sufficient, all those who were in the boat capsize. Since the assertiveness of one individual does not succeed, all those affected will lose out, even though one individual had the right ideas.