The penguin is a sign of family order and structure. With this energetic companion becomes clear what importance lies in the cohesion of like-minded people.

The flightless biped belongs to the bird family. Its natural habitat is in the open seas of the southern hemisphere. The seabird likes the cold and comes ashore only to breed or change its plumage. Penguins nest in colonies, but avoid direct physical contact. Their team spirit is very strong as they stand together in large groups for protection.

Intruders or enemies are met very aggressively by the penguin. Strangers are unwelcome and this is often acted out openly to the point of physical exhaustion. The excellent swimmer feeds on fish or crabs. The penguin’s natural enemies include the orca and the leopard seal, a subspecies of seal.

Power Animal Penguin

The power animal penguin reminds us of the power of the community and the adaptability to the social structures without giving up oneself. Everyone knows his place in the colony and adheres to the existing order. Nevertheless, each penguin can also clearly separate itself from too much closeness. Visually, the seabird appears graceful and well dressed. The plumage is reminiscent of a tailcoat and thus brings a distinguished energy into our lives. Reliability, stability and a steady rhythm return with the penguin.

Positive Consideration

Thanks to the appearance of the plumage and through the waddling locomotion of the power animal humor is promoted. Life, despite the necessary austerity, becomes easier and more bearable if something mischievous and cheerful can be wrested from it. Piguins can fast for a long time if necessary. This makes it clear that a lean period is overcome as soon as the energetic companion appears.

Negative Consideration

One of the shadow sides of the power animal is the inner distance to others. Regardless of how close a connection to another person is, it is still associated with aloofness. The common fulfillment of duty connects, but the desire for a soul closeness will not arise.

Dream Interpretation Penguin

If the penguin appears in a dream, its words or behavior can be interpreted as foreshadowing. The animal is wise and shows the dreamer what will happen.

Positive Aspects

The sea bird can announce growth or establish contact with children. The connection to emotional pages that lay under the ice surface is established.

Negative Aspects

The fulfillment of duty calls. The dreamer will care a lot about the care of the offspring in the coming time. The needs of the weaker ones are in the center, so that own leisure activities will be hardly to think.