The robin is a welcome guest in our gardens and during walks in the woods. Its song and colorful plumage bring joie de vivre and lightness.

The robin belongs to the songbirds and the passerine birds. The bird is very popular with people because it escapes less often than other bird species. Its colorfulness and song further promote its likeability. Its melodies can be heard mainly in quiet areas in the city and countryside from dawn to dusk. Like sparrows, chaffinches or titmouce, these lively birds can often be observed in birdhouses.

The diet of robins includes worms, snails, spiders or other insects. Their natural enemies include the fox, the marten, various birds of prey and the human way of life. It is native to Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia.

Power Animal Robin

The power animal robin brings the joy of life and lightness. The cheerful journeyman wants to support and accompany processes of detachment with his song. A time of challenges passes. Pain, grief or loss are to be overcome and replaced by optimism as well as confidence. Unrealistic hopes, ideas or ideologies are left behind.

Positive Consideration

Letting go means having room for something new. It has already become apparent that a change is necessary. With the power animal robin a dead end is left. Life offers other possibilities that bring a smile. Happiness and love take hold.

Negative Consideration

The robin announces that a project or the bond with a person will be terminated. Ideas and conceptions cannot be realized as desired. It is time to recognize and accept this. The heaviness in life should be overcome and filled with new impulses.

Dream Interpretation Robin

In dream interpretation, the robin brings auspicious moments. With light and pleasant singing positive developments are given to the dreamer. Love messages are possible and also germinate spring feelings. The next time will be lived in lightness.

Positive Aspects

New beginnings of any kind announce themselves. In love, at work or in projects, success is now certain. The future processes feel elated and easy. The robin is considered in dream interpretation as an omen of impending happiness.

Negative Aspects

The robin brings something new to the dreamer. This means at the same time that an existing situation experiences a termination. This can be temporarily felt as painful. It is helpful to face the world and developments with confidence.