Tasmanian Devil

A Tasmanian Devil brings out the unconscious forces. He warns of unexpected enemies and unwanted magical influences.

Tasmanian Devils belong to Australia’s marsupials and has no conspecifics. They are the largest carnivorous marsupials and nocturnal quadrupeds. Their diet includes wombats, birds, insects, frogs or reptiles. They live in forest or coastal areas, can climb trees and are solitary animals.

As soon as the animals get excited or are threatened by danger, their ears turn red. Although Tasmanian Devils are not aggressive, this changes when several animals gather at a carcass. In this case, intense and loud fights can be observed between the predators. The scavengers’ sounds are described as screaming, howling or yelping. The animal, which lives in Tasmania, is shy but relatively common in the region.

Power Animal Tasmanian Devil

The power animal Tasmanian Devil brings out the unconscious and also undesirable sides of man. Left to themselves, all the issues of everyday life are managed. There is sometimes a lack of clarity, because mental confusion blocks the all-round view. Unconscious emotions such as anger can lead to withdrawal behavior.

Positive Consideration

A Tasmanian Devil lets us know that we can find a way out without help and support. Everything we need is within us. We should respect life, the planet we live on and ourselves. The appreciation of ourselves increases and can bear more attention.

Negative Consideration

The power animal warns against negative energies. They can be self-destructive or act from the outside. Before anger or resentment spreads inside, a clarification of the cause should be considered. It is time to openly face what is happening and become part of the family or society again.

Dream InterpretationTasmanian Devil

In dream interpretation, the Tasmanian Devilis a sign of suppressed negative feelings. The dreamer should deal with it more closely, so that no conflicts arise or ignite quarrels. In addition, the animal warns against the influence or use of so-called black magic.

Positive Aspects

A short-term retreat can defuse a tense situation. Provided that the time is used for self-critical reflection, there is the possibility of finding realistic solutions.

Negative Aspects

If the Tasmanian Devil appears in a dream, the dreamer should not let himself be provoked. Although he has the power to decide a conflict for himself, unpleasant situations can still occur.