The tapir indicates a mental imbalance on the energetic level. Withdrawal behavior isolates and promotes fear. The need for protection is increased.

Visually, the tapir resembles a pig with a shortened elephant trunk. However, the closest relatives of the quadruped are horses and rhinos. The herbivore is a good swimmer, although it moves very ponderously on land. As a loner, it behaves very aggressively and dismissively towards conspecifics. Only for mating do males and females come closer for a short time.

The animal, which lives in Central and South America, prefers dense forests. The black-white tapir lives in Southeast Asia and has a black and white coloration. Tapirs are shy, considered extremely cautious and quickly take flight. Their natural enemies include jaguars, tigers, pumas, bears and crocodiles.

Power Animal Tapir

The power animal tapir indicates a mental imbalance. The developments of the present and the past should be looked at more closely, because they may not be sufficiently processed or have been processed. The search for protection is immense, so that isolation threatens. At the same time, the satisfaction of needs and sexual desire play a major role. The power animal indicates little physical closeness and a lack of like-minded people in one’s life. It can also indicate superficiality in dealing with other people, as no time is taken to listen to others.

Positive Consideration

In an emotionally intensely charged time, the power animal Tapir teaches inner detachment and thus ensures that the state of a strong emotional overload is not reached. In order to understand what has happened, the developments are worked out with oneself. Since the trunk is considered a phallic symbol, the power animal promotes sexual desire and efforts to have an offspring.

Negative Consideration

In the case of withdrawal and isolation, the environment cannot provide help due to the large inner distance. A lack of support promotes feelings of loneliness or lack of self-worth. Since there is no mental exchange with like-minded people, all thoughts spiral around oneself. This makes it difficult to live together in harmony and causes a lack of optimism or confidence.

Dream Interpretation Tapir

The tapir in a dream is a sign of experiencing intense sexual desire. This is less about love or being in love, but rather about the physical sexual satisfaction. One’s own drives are currently the focus and want to experience satisfaction.

Positive Aspects

If the tapir appears in the dream, encounters are experienced as superficial. Life in the moment can be perceived as relieving, because thoughts are not wasted on a tomorrow. Not everything has to have a deeper meaning.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer should check whether he is currently evading responsibility. Running away will not be a solution in the long run, because he cannot escape from the events even with great efforts. Disinterest towards others may be negatively evaluated by the environment.