The thrush is a songbird and one of the most common forest dwellers. They are one of the most famous birds in the world and can be easily observed.

The thrush, with about 300 species worldwide, is widespread in all regions where there are deciduous and mixed forests. The melodious artists are often found in gardens and parks. The animal is considered to be not very shy and can therefore be easily observed during their songs. The free breeders are found on the ground and in the trees or shrubs.

In the winter months, some species join groups. Others leave their location and travel in flocks. Thrushes feed on worms, snails, or other ground-dwelling animals. Their natural enemies include cats, martens, magpies, hawks or sparrow hawks.

Power Animal Thrush

The power animal thrush brings the joy of life, music and sound. The songbird entertains and can be observed. The spotlight and attention are certain to the power animal. The sparrow bird is considered talented. He teaches that the focus of perception should not be directed only to appearances. Although it is very colorful, it is a good entertainer and has something to share.

Positive Consideration

With the power animal thrush, one’s own talents come more into focus. The territory defender teaches the inner demarcation and at the same time he makes it clear that there is more inside than previously thought. Potentials are to be used more strongly. The power animal promotes the joy of life, brings harmony, beauty and supports the creative arts.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal includes the urge for attention and attention. Praise, fame and recognition are demanded and thereby trigger conflicts. One’s own behavior can be perceived by others as arrogant, arrogant and indecisive. Envy and mockery of others also belong to the power animal thrush.

Dream Interpretation Thrush

If the thrush appears in a dream, happy and convivial hours are announced. The dreamer can be happy about pleasant developments. He finds hearing with the fellow men and these will be enthusiastic. At the same time, the thrush protects against theft of ideas, so the dreamer can be sure that his personal achievements will be recognized.

Positive Aspects

In dream interpretation, the thrush lets you know that your own creative powers and talents are now receiving attention. The environment consciously perceives the ability of the dreamer and gives a positive response.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer seeks recognition from others. If this is done too obviously and situations are staged, he will be ridiculed. The thrush warns not to react to the ability of others with envy or resentment.