Earth Cuckoo

Earth cuckoo is a symbol of curious behavior. In addition, the animal warns and can be a sign of unrequited love connection.

The Earth Cuckoo or Roadside Cuckoo  is a ground-dwelling species of cuckoo. The endangered bird is native to North and Central America. The female lays her nests in foreign nests. Once the young is hatched, it busies itself with throwing the other young out of the nest. The goal is to get all the food from the foster parents.

The adults live in pairs, are monogamous and an omnivore. Its diet includes all animals that also live on the ground. It prefers snakes, lizards, insects, spiders, small rodents and birds. It also likes fruits and seeds.

Power Animal Earth Cuckoo

The power animal Earth Cuckoo warns against deception and dangerous situations. Someone else could seize your own powers, ideas and ideologies and make them their own. Especially in group work, care should be taken that no one pretends to be the author of impulses that do not originate in his own mind.

The bird also teaches that unintentional misbehavior leads to consequences which nobody should avoid. He brings the gain of knowledge. Through this it becomes possible to make different decisions in the future. It comes to distrust and a distanced behavior of others.

Positive Consideration

Curiosity and thus the discovery of previously unknown possibilities belong to the power animal. It gives strength, warns of danger and takes responsibility. Although a mistake can no longer be corrected, the power animal teaches that it is nevertheless possible to make amends.

Negative Consideration

Greed and covetousness are bad behaviors. They cause grief, despair and loss. One’s own struggle for survival leaves others by the wayside. In addition, the power animal Earth Cuckoo shows that there is always the feeling of being a stranger in one’s own home, group or society. The feeling of belonging is missing.

Dream Interpretation Earth Cuckoo

In dream interpretation, the earth cuckoo is an indication of deception in love affairs. The partner may also turn to other people. Secrecy takes place and mistakes are the order of the day. In the sexual sphere, irresponsible behavior may occur.

Positive Aspects

If the earth cuckoo appears in a dream, it promotes curious behavior. Life has some surprises in store and lures the dreamer to tempt him. Thus, the dreamer learns and grows with his experiences.

Negative Aspects

The earth cuckoo also warns in the dream interpretation of isolation or lack of belonging. One’s own behavior should be critically questioned, because it is not for the good of all. The search for a compromise is not even started and that’s where the real problem lies.