The loon brings transformation and is a sign of faithfulness. The water bird also indicates that there is an unconscious wisdom.

Grebes are large swimming and diving birds. They are larger than geese and are conspicuous by their loud song or howl. The birds live mainly in Canada, Russia, Greenland or Scandinavia. The animals can dive up to 75 m under water. Their locomotion on land, on the other hand, is comparatively clumsy. Their movement is rather frog-like and they cannot stand for long periods of time.

The monogamous birds feed on fish, frogs or crabs. Once they are fully grown, they have few predators. Only birds of prey like the white-tailed eagle are among them.

Power Animal Loon

The power animal loon stands for a strong intuitive approach. The unconscious forces are enormously pronounced and bring a rarely seen wisdom. Thus, in the energetic work with the loon, transformation processes with far-reaching consequences are triggered. It is about deep-seated changes that cannot always be sufficiently grasped intellectually. They should simply be accepted and embraced.

Positive Consideration

The loon is a monogamous animal with few enemies in life. It brings fidelity and goodwill. An established bond is lasting and cannot be broken by anyone. There is reliance on each other and obstacles are overcome.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is associated with carrying secrets. The knowledge of events, possibly long ago, slumbers on the energetic level in the loon. Not everything will come to the surface. Some things will remain hidden.

Dream Interpretation Loon

In dream interpretation, the loon is a sign of good self-reflection. An unconscious wisdom is at the dreamer’s disposal. He will be able to make use of it in the time to come.

Positive Aspects

Eine aktuelle Situation sollte bis auf den Grund erforscht und hinterfragt werden. Um gute Entscheidungen treffen zu können, sollte tiefer hinter die Kulissen geblickt werden.

Negative Aspects

Not all aspects of a matter are known. There are mysteries in the life of the dreamer. In the search for answers requires perseverance and time.