The meerkat brings curiosity and communal activities. It illustrates that despite discrepancies among themselves, a family is a unit.

Meerkats live in South Africa and belong to the mongoose family. The diurnal mammals fall into the order of predators and stay mainly in semi-deserts or savannas. The felines are herd animals and live in colonies. In these there is a clear hierarchy, although each animal has special tendencies and talents. The females are above the males. At the top, however, there is usually a pair. Their fur is perfectly adapted to the environment for camouflage.

The curious animals are carnivores and feed mainly on insects, eggs or lizards. They are also able to consume scorpions and snakes, as the animals’ venom does not harm them. During the search for food, at least one animal always keeps watch. For this purpose, it stands on its hind legs and attentively observes the surroundings. As soon as danger threatens, a warning cry is given. The meerkats’ natural enemies include hawks, jackals and snakes.

Even if there are some differences between the meerkats and mongooses, they still have the same meaning on the energetic level.

Power Animal Meerkat

The power animal meerkat brings the curiosity and attention. Within communities there may well be conflicts or fundamentally different views, yet all stick together and look out for each other. Changes and peculiarities are noticed. Disagreements are discussed with each other so that a community decision can be made.

Positive Consideration

The power animal illustrates that the burden never rests on only one shoulder. So it happens that through the influences of others emotions and views can be changed. In addition to disagreement becoming unity, sadness can also lead to joy. The family or the friends are there to support in the process.

Negative Consideration

Individual views are not always accepted and taken into account in a community. Fairness and tolerance are often not given. Personal development takes a back seat to community interests and is sometimes not given sufficient consideration. The support of others can also lead to a feeling of constriction in freedom-loving souls.

Dream Interpretation Meerkat

In dream interpretation, the meerkat is a sign of vigilance, curiosity and family. The dreamer can rely on his environment and is listened to there. As soon as decisions are pending, he gets valuable tips and advice.

Positive Aspects

Even the smallest inconsistencies are noticed and clarified. The dreamer can rely on and participate in the special talents of those around him.

Negative Aspects

Meerkats are predators and therefore also pose a danger. Anyone who does not belong to the community is considered an enemy. The dreamer should check his position and be prepared accordingly.